Little Rituals

Like most of you (I am guessing) my life is filled with little rituals. Wake up, do my morning business then sit in a wet coma for 20 mins with the TV on watching what ever I have recorded that I haven’t seen. If I am lucky it is something like Swamp People or Suits that helps jump start my brain. At 10 to 15 past the top of the hour I yell at the boy to get dressed and so the same. 5 mins after that I yell to start the truck and 2-3 mins later we head out to school/work.

At work I check my emails, make Tea, then I hit a list of web sites that I check every weekday like and Then I check my show email box and catch up with Twitter from the night before, skim the different ddo/tech blogs that I read then I like to start on working on my own post. Some mornings work pushes back getting started this post after all work comes first but unless there is a fire I need to knock this out or have it raddling around in my head all day.

Why does this matter?

Well I was playing with some lower experienced guildies last night and I couldn’t happen to notice that they hadn’t had time or experience of developing in game rituals.

For example, if I am on a trap skilled alt when I ship buff I check my tool stack and if low I grab some from the guild chest. Then I leave not +5 tools in the chest as to not end up using lesser tools. I also check my search gear and stock Int pots for hard to find trap boxes. Last night my bard was burning her heroism scrolls and songs trying to buff up the rogue so he/she could do the traps.

Also I noticed people talking about not having gear for X. One of the first things I do as a little new alt ritual is pick a weapon type and go get a Flametouched Iron base item (normally a hammer of some sort) and use the cannith crafting to add ghost touch later around level 7or8 I add everbright and return my muck weapons to the bank. This is a find is a great mutitool for low level questing. Even if it is not optimal for any of the places I need it for one pack slot it more then makes up for not being optimal when I have a really limited pack.

I am also very picky about how I spend my ship time between quests. First I nab the +4 haggle buff and then I repair and then sell to clean out any junk loot from the last hour of questing. Once clear I start rebuffing with all useful buffs for that built starting with the training dummy and ending with resists and the xp shrine. Honestly the kobold is last as he stands by the caption/squidface… Anyway back to buffs, if I am on a caster I do not need the training dummy unless there are people around to help AND I plan to use a web beat down dungeon plan same thing for the plus to melee damage. My melees do not need the INT shrine unless they are skilled and so on. Get only what you need and move on.

Anyway, have you noticed that you have any in game rituals? Maybe you always check for a list of items on the AH, or back in the day hit the House D vendors?

Well see you tomorrow, time to start that getting things done ritual.


3 thoughts on “Little Rituals

  1. When i log on always see if guildies are on then if there are any standout lfm’s

    Check mail, pick up all the unsuccesful auctions (i post decent prices too :P)

    Then relist them and begin checking for items i want see if i can pick one for cheap

    Now its time to look for quest to do, which can sometimes take forever for me lol

  2. Insightful post. Much of Life is habit. There is wisdom in your post…and, yes, I draw no small amusement from the fact that I recognize some of my own idiosyncrasies in the little rituals you describe. Thanks, man.

  3. Before anything else: the one-hour ritual to try connect to the game. First attempt I get the red latency mark and get kicked out. Second attempt may be better or not. Rinse and repeat until successfully connected.

    Similar to Legend, first thing I do is to check the guild roster (most likely I’m the only one there), then check friend list (just to confirm there is no one on either), then check lfm (and ignore them because I solo or there are no lfm at all).

    Ship buffing: w/e stat shrines I need then elemental resist and they MUST be in alphabetical order, then crew buffs, then exp shrine last.

    Then leave my toon there and chat with someone on skype, check my twitter feed and getting kicked out for inactivity.

    Go back to step #1…

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