When it Rains it Pours

So as most weekends this one was too short, but we got a lot of stuff done in and out of game. But man with the time change and everything I am just wiped for Monday. Btw, going to ramble some so if your one of those people that always vote down the ramble posts, leave a comment also just so I know. Cool, Thanks.

So sometime last week the truck stopped starting. I had the feeling that the battery had crapped out on me you know with it being over 5 years old and been spending some cold overnights parked in the driveway as my side of the garage is full of love seats that need taken to the dump. Or is the bike shop during the non-winter months…. But this last week I have been driving the wife’s car and really falling for it, more and more I think that when the truck finally starts to die I might be doing some Subaru shopping. I had plans to run over to the Autozone on Sat once the Brits when to bed but it was raining and Tobril and I were playing so I pushed it to Sunday after the brits died for the night, which in normal fashion the rain turned to snow… But it was just a battery so thank you for small favors.

Lets see what else…

The DG/HoDW started our weekend lob runs. This was a raid I have been putting of for a long time as the crafting hasn’t been that exciting to me. But now Java has the need to make a shield to make some gear swaps happen. That or I need to farm up the EE WoW. So running Lob is more likely… Took us two runs to win. Which is not bad as I have done it twice before and everyone else maybe once expect Tobril who was the tank and trying to lead the raid. Now normally I like the raid leader being the tank, but not on training runs. The tank has his hands full doing the tank job and trying to teach and do all those jobs can be tough. And lets just say some times Tobril has “anger management issues” that some people that don’t know him as well might over look or miss but I pick up on. That and he doesn’t like the pets, but he had better warm to mine, because as long as Fin Fang Foom can be a helper he will be, he as doing fairly well dpsing the lob until one of the spin attacks where I jumped back and called him but ran to be and back at the lob like those hires can do and took a few to many hits. I just need to learn the tells a little better and then I think I can pull him out and set to passive for the spins.

Over all that little guy is rocking as an off tank dps. Each hit is around 50 or so with crits in the 130 range. He has well over 1100 hp unbuffed and I can boost him some more with animal growth. I would totally be able to boost him even more with Pack Aptitude if I could fit it in, but level 5 druid spells are super tight at least the way I am playing, in wolf form. Guess in raids I could trust others for my DW and take Reincarnate or my Pack Aptitude, or better yet if I could just decide forever to give up Wall of Fire…

Oh btw that first run fail was partly my fault as at the time I only had one res and I had used it already. I had never needed more then one res on Java this life but I went to the TR cache and pulled out 2 more clickles. I would really like it if res dead was on the druid list or that they sold Reincarnate scrolls. I could swap from to res people most of the time…

Okay, looks like I did my normal length post wise. Hope I didn’t ramble too much on you.


6 thoughts on “When it Rains it Pours

  1. Both of which might not had been needed had Tobril be able to watch the raid vs tanking. Lets just say it was my fault

  2. That raid is actually pretty easy to see while tanking.

    The first wipe was due to me not explaining everything in a high level of detail. There were many little optimizations the early groups I was in made in order to complete the old epic version. I sometimes lose touch with experience levels and expect people to “just know it” especially people who we run EE stuff with.

    I realize that I complain about pets/hires a lot and places like LoB is why. There were a few times where on the old epic some of the actions I saw from the mildly controllable and uncontrollable pets would have caused a wipe and/or heavy resource usage.

  3. I have that bookmarked with the other links you sent – I will make sure I read them through before the next weekend run 🙂

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