So I hear you have an …

So the other day I got a random tell from a guy more or less asking if I had an EE Iron Beads for sale/trade. Turns out that I do have one, it was passed to my by a guildie that was/had no plans for it and knew that I had a tone of casters that could put it to good use. In fact I have plans to make it a swap slot for Java on EEs or times I am in “caster” mode.

I did offer it up on the trade forums mostly in jest to make a point about people’s price gouging or I should say one or two person’s price gouging but I was never serous about trading it. Don’t get me wrong I would have traded it in a heart beat had said person gave an otto’s box or two but for general whatever items???

But as we sent tells back and forth I warmed to the idea of trading it away if this guy had one of the hard to get items I was looking for but after I listed a few of the items I have been looking for he jumped to how much plat?

Don’t think I have to tell you that I hit the breaks real hard just then. Would I sell some thing I had gotten from a friend for plat? And I started to wonder if I was willing to trade it for an item why not plat? Why is plat a no zone, where a +8 int/wis Dragon helm or a handful of other EH/EE items some how okay but plat is dirty???

The other thing that I started to realize is that these EE Iron Beads might be one of the more rare/had to come by items out there right now. Sure EE Tor Items are hard to come by but more people are running Tor then EE Madstone. Tor Assuming you complete all the dragons is about as long as EE Madstone but has the ability to drop a hell of a lot more quality loot then Madstone. Tor has what 3 quality chests per run Madstone has 1.

So when asked to put a plat value on said item my brain started to jump to BIG numbers. Big enough that I wouldn’t be comfortable even saying it, mainly because I don’t know the relative value of the item compared to other like items. But if forced to put a sale value right now I would have to say 3 mil plat or so. Now here is the reasoning behind that hinges on Zonixx. He is a young man that is a farmer in the true sense of the word. While I believe that he over values some items and gouges a little more then I would like he values the other Madstone items at about 2.5 mil plat. But he has 0 Iron Beads in stock atm, telling me that they are rare. And if I were to cash out for plat I would want enough to buy one of the items I have been hunting myself off him.

Anyway, I left this person with my email address and he said he would send me a list of trade items but unless there is just the perfect item I feel that I should (will) use the item as intended to honor the gift I was given.


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