Review Time

So I have been simi focused on DDo for topics this last month, thereabouts. So lest do something different, Movie/Tv reviews.

Checking out my Neflix shipping history the last movie I got was Ted, so lets start there.

Ted: I really liked this movie. Thought it was funny and other then being a fairly straight line plot wise it was worth the time to watch it and who doesn’t love Flash Gordon?
I need some kind of rating system???? 4/5

Battleship: This was a sleeper for me. Like Ted I didn’t see this one until Netflix sent it to me. I really liked it. Again the plot was a simi straight line although I expected more Die Hard then what we got so there was a little bit of a plot change from what I was expecting.
4 .2/5

Thinking about it, all the movies on my recent watch list have been good. So lets skip to an out standing movie that you might not have seen.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy: Just trust me. If you like those raunchy comedies like a American Pie/ Animal House vibe then this is a winner. It was the best Nexflix movie I have seen in 6 months at least.

Jumping over to instant streaming:

House of Cards: AMAZING! Just go see it. It and Suits are the best shows out right now. There are some minor minor issues I have sometimes like the background volume is a little to high for me and I can’t always easily get the main conversation.

Shameless (UK): Like those raunchy movies I ❤ this is a tv show that is the embodiment of raunchy goodness. Unlike most shows for me this one started off really high and then hung there and is slowly falling as the cast changed and the show had to adapt. That said I am still watching it, very slowly… s1 5/5 s4 3.5/5

On 3rd thought there is some amazing hotness on the show that would not be as key of a role had the cast not had their adjustment.. . But British chicks are hot.

I have been watching al kinds of crazy Docs also but Netflix doesn’t want to show my history so I can’t name any atm. But the last 2 were one about building an original Wright flyer to see one fly today and another about hidden planets in our solar system including a possible failed Dwarf star. Both of which I thought were educational. If not entertaining.

What do I NEED to watch that I might not have seen?


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