NOOOOOOO! Oh and a Yes.

Lets start with a little update, thanks to a friend who had a similar launcher issue I tried getting the newest DDo launcher and vs the one we downloaded back around Chirstmas when we got this new PC and everything is working. Amazing! The idea was the Mac support changes did something to the connection server that the old client was missing. So if you don’t need to do a first time install/update your fine. But if you do need that first update you might just want to go and get the newest install files. Not the worse task ever. Just would have liked to see that listed some place by Turbine….

Anyway Victory! We even got everything running and updated time for guild raid night (Abbott and a DQ). Also I was able to get some xp on Javabot. We got enough that Tobril had to level so I got to level also!

So I jumped to the back to get something I was super excited to try. Tod rings + Lig2 + animal form = Badass dps for a caster like build!

I grab my Encrusted Ring hit the tear 2 alter in the battle field added Holy Burst and started trying it out… I didn’t notice anymore damage dice….. What?

So I started doing some testing. I pulled everything and looked at my damage. Okay poopy good enough added my ring and there was the holy damage. Added the lig2 and there was its damage. Pull the ring off and no change. Put the ring back on and I crit. And I see the holy burst damage, or at least I think I did….

I make a comment and look at my lig2: holy/lighting burst/Lighting blast. Tobril says something to the effect of well you know that sometimes holy and holy burst from tod rings don’t always stack right, don’t you?

Vader Nooooo

Swap weapons to my min2 and yep the holy damage is there. Guess holy and good burst work just fine… Other then my Lig2 all my other one handed weapons are either not finished green steel or a level 1 throwing hammer with acid and cold touch… Not going to work.

So begins the next dilemma, my dps plans had me rocking a set of dps rings when needed. But always my holy burst ring and I had planed to use my lig2 to do so. But that is less then ideal. So now what?

I could add a third tear to some of the other green steel I have in the bank.:
Another lig2 in progress this one a long sword when I was rocking a monk/pally build. But it is shock/good burst.
A Rad2 think it is flaming/good burst.
Other options are:
Make a quick/cheep triple earth would be a fair to good leveling weapon.

Following the thought about a good leveling weapon, do I really want to burn the mats? Not really so what is lying around that I could get?

My first thought is I have been meaning to make a few of the one handed Cannith Elemental Weapons. Would the Water Khopesh be a winner? Maybe the Air rapier would be a better match?

But then I started thinking what other lvl 16 weapons are around?
Envenomed Blade could be good for a few levels.
Fang of Siberys, I have one someplace I am sure.
Those Druid weapons that are caster/dps hybrids that are not amazing at either but touch both are easy to come by, maybe one of them.
I would cash in a tome set if they weren’t about to get a huge upgrade…

The other option is just keep using the Lig2, and miss out on a set of damage numbers it is not like it is worse then what I was using a few hours ago right?

Send in your thoughts. Also if you have any input as to what to add to the other right let me know.

3 thoughts on “NOOOOOOO! Oh and a Yes.

  1. It doesn’t sound like you’re fighting unarmed, but as you have a druid, I could be wrong, and that new class might change this a bit, but:

    Burst damage from ToD rings works for unarmed damage only (which gives the Monks some greensteel love since we can’t craft GS handwraps). That should include Druids–but technically, aren’t you using a weapon?

  2. Animal forms count as unnarmed attack.
    Therefore, ToD rings are a must (if you have the pack).
    It all goes up to a “do i have the space/time/materials” kinda question.
    I got the materials/time = get a new bonus under the ToD ring.
    I got the time/space/materials = get a new ring and a new bonus. Or a new Lit2.
    I got the time/space = Farm for something new entirely and make options. Or proclaim yourself as God, and bend time and space to your will, who knows…

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