Bring on the Long Holliday

Alrghty kids, for some the weenend has already started but for me I got 7sh hours to go and then it is on! I took Monday and Wednesday off, work was good enough to let me have Tuesday off and I have half days planed for Thursday and Friday. Which means lots of DDo/family/DDo time.

I am hoping that even with Tobirl on his way to Salina for his normal “Christmas hiding from his family at my house visit” the Brits and I can still get some things done on Saturday and some Sunday morning. Then Sunday afternoon I meet up with the Real Life Defense Guild for a little get together. I don’t get to see some of this people very often although some of us got a nice little pnp game rocking a once and awhile. Or I hope we can get things tolling again post holidays.

Starting Monday, Tobril and I will be in the same house once again and that means MUCH DDo. I also hope to do some pod casting. Most will be recorded for later but I might see if we can do some G+ while we are playing streaming. IDK yet….

So goals for the break, if I don’t set goals then we will end up running un circles like dogs chasing our tails.

Darth Samius, Right now we have a bonus to pre 20 xp so I need to get him rolling in that. Also Phlor sent me his log in info so I want to try and cap out him although if that doesn’t happen it won’t break my heart. But having an alt account healer would be nice. And maybe once I have him capped he will decide to log in more and play more often, we all know how much he loves to raid.

Speaking of raids, I need to do some. All kinds in fact.

I was in an Abbot when the servers died last weekend and I haven’t gotten in one since. I need seals, litany and practice leading goggles the right way. I have gotten people across before but I have seen more people fall threw what I though was a solid floor then I care to admit.

And DQ and I are about to go a few rounds as I am like a shard away from 3-5 DQ epic items I WANT to make even in I need to buy a timer bypass everyday this week I will be getting a lot of completions in!

Finally I got my 5th level in Fatesinger last night soloing Rusted Blades. So now I think I want to just ¾ in a few to unlock the other destinies and earn some fast twist points. I thought I would level 5 my way around but that is a lot of work so scrap that for now and power in the twists as fast as possible while doing things I think are fun good loot. Speaking of I ransacked the Wizking chests last night. Might need to pick another quest for my solo spam….

Anyway, if you celebrate Christmas, Marry Chrstmas! If you don’t, Marry Christmas anyway! But also Merry Whatever else you might celebrate. I expect to be back on Thursday for sure but stay tuned I might have something early for you, who knows?


4 thoughts on “Bring on the Long Holliday

  1. I have the parents in my little house this weekend for Christmas. Same boat for time off… 8 hours today… unless they let us go early (doubtful). Then I work Monday, with hopes they let us out early (possible). get the 25th off and then I took the 26th off and half a day for the 27th and wow, i’m out of vacation till the 1st 😛

    Dave logged on “nephew Davids” monk last night and I got him leveld up to 16 via stone. Im hoping to get him to 20 before he goes back to school. I would also like to get him flagged for as much raiding as possible, but I know he wont play much once he is in school again. Faeylinn is 18 and now has access to all her good level 18 gear. I think much of the weekend for me will be walking Dave around hoping he likes monk and getting him some good level 16-18 gear. I see house Cannith Challenges in our future.

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