Alignment: NG

In light of yesterday’s blog post were I admitted that ripping the heads off slaves made me giggle like a schoolgirl, I think we need to cover my alignment status. I got a few comments of welcome to the dark side, or embrace your evilness. I am a little surprised that there wasn’t at least one comment along the lines of how I saved them forever or at least until the next run…

But I want to be clear my alignment is NG, for NOT GOOD. Sure I do a lot of things that are nice/good/bad/evil but over all I do, as I like. Some might even call me CN or chaotic neutral; I am big believer do as I like but I do have a few moral issues/hang-ups that keep me from being a bad man in RL right now. All of which would be thrown out the window if I ever got any cool super powers. Oh the villain I would be… Tobril says that if he had super powers he would totally use his powers for good, HIS GOOD! And I can’t agree more.


I just want my name written on the moon and rule the lands with burning death rays. Tell me that you don’t want the same…

I have an argument/question that I will just touch on get you thinking on it and hopefully cover in my in-depth later in a new podcast with Tobril.

Why in most comic books is the economy better then the real world? I think it is because of super villains. Things are always being destroyed and therefor always needed to be rebuilt. So the housing market is always up.

So you see if I had cool super powers and went of the deep end it would be for almost everyone’s benefit.

Back to work, I will have a post tomorrow but will be out most of next week.


5 thoughts on “Alignment: NG

  1. I have always classified myself as Chaotic Neutral, while not completely villainous I am an ends to a means type of gal, if I have to do something some think are evil to further my goals I will within my own reasoning. I don’t think of myself as a villain but I do know that I have rooted for the bad guys more often then not lol they have more fun 🙂

  2. You sound much like Lolth lately 😛 , even though you are correct that humans have the innate need to dominate, from this to burning left and right it is a bit of difference 🙂

    Your reign would be probably limited to the first challenger that would defeat you or so history teaches us. Not knowing it just makes you repeat the same mistakes 😉

    Isn’t chaotic neutral actually defined as insanity? 😛 Well not actually there but the closest of the alignments to it. I am not in the mood to search for my books but so I recall (never played PnP only read them).

    Either way, this was a rather interesting post though a bit rough on the edges, you might want to nuance your position better maybe later when you have more time. I feel that you wanted to tell more yet you didn’t delivered right now. You still get a thumbs up for originality 😀

    Cheers and looking forward for more!

  3. @mal sorry i would be the bestest evil overlord ever. one i have read:

    and two, other then some fairly simple things like writing my name on the moon and implementing a flat tax i would most likely turn over control to a trusted friend or even the people again. Who needs that much responsibility all the time? Not like as long as i am alive i couldn’t take over again…

    Samius for ruler of the world! 2016

  4. “I just want my name written on the moon and rule the lands with burning death rays” I’m not knowledgeable but was this a “The Thick” reference, maybe?

    Your words reminded me of the quest giver from Chains of Flame.

    @Malinza: IMO CN is one of the less deranged or insane aligments, this is a biased comment ofc.

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