Maybe Magister After All

So last night Tobril and I finally capped out our epic levels, time to spam Wizking/Von3/Rusty Blades until our eyes bleed or until we are burnt out on them. So never!

Anyway the other day I talked about how I would (currently have) layout Draconic Incarnation with the plan of using it as my EE destiny. But as I have been playing these last few tears of quests, the new stuff on eHard are level 24, some things are not landing as nice as I would like, about 75% hit rate would fall to 405ish on eE. So I have been thinking that I might need to make some changes. Even though some of these last few end fights have ended before they have even started by dumping the different DI attacks.

So the first thing I have been debating is that swap to Magister like so:


I personally haven’t played too much with the Sigils but the thought of standing around drawing a fixed aoe it had better killanate the bad men. As far as I know none of these so that. But I do like on paper the Spell Warding/T1 one. Cool down of 30s and lasts for 60, so in long fights you can keep it up. At least according to the wiki, haven’t really used it much yet myself like i said. And as I needed to burn 2 more points in tear1 before moving on to tear 2 seemed like a good time to try it out. For standing fights 10 more PRR might be a good thing to have in my pocket.

Next on the list is SS Specialist, I think I will swap at least one SpellPen feat into another Focus feat to boost those DCs by 4. Necro is the most likely as I can find a spare action point to take Spell Mastery 2 and Necro has shitty SLAs, but Conj seems like a good call also but I would need to dig up 2 more points so I could have a Web SLA… 50+ DC webs for 3 sp…

Spell Pen and lots of INT is a no brainer, I mean more INT is why I might switch to Magister. Less other good stuff to compete…

But the real winners in the Magister ED other then not having a lot of stars to burn points on are Nullmagic Guard/Strike!

Nullmagic Guard: Passive Bonus: When you take damage, there is a [2/4/6]% chance that a burst of antimagic energy expands from your body. Nearby enemies are subject to a Dispel Magic effect, which may strip them of their magical protections, and will render them unable to cast spells and lose [2/3/4] Spell Resistance for [10/20/30] seconds.– ddowiki

Nullmagic Strike: Passive Bonus: Offensive spells you cast, melee and ranged attacks have a [5/10/15]% chance to subject the target to a Dispel Magic effect, which may strip them of their magical protections, and will render them unable to cast spells and lose [2/3/4] Spell Resistance for [10/20/30] seconds. – ddowiki

So if something hits me they and THEIR alias/my hostiles mobs as a fair shot at being dispelled. Render them unable to cast and lower their spell pen? I don’t know about you but I tend to take a lot of hits lately. Mainly once I switched out of heavy armor for Spider +3 int robes. But the real winner is every spell I cast might do the same to every guy that spell hits? So 2 SP magic missiles each have 5-15% (depending on points spent) to do this? Eloop/Chain Lighting, has a 15% (I plan to max this out!) to a few mobs at once? Does that mean the Chain missiles spell should almost always hit a ton of mobs? EE Drow lookout!

So how does that look? Good enough to stay AM? I don’t know yet. But I will find out soon enough now that I am capped.

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