Patched, Boo or Woot?

Last night, I run (drive) home, hurry down to my computer room and start the game a patching as I watch some Shameless (UK) via the Netflix. My kind of humor… Anyway patched and off to the races. And while I didn’t get thrown in to any walls or randomly eaten by any floors things were buggy as all hell.

1, First bug of that hit me was the AH missing item levels. But I had seen it on the forums, just didn’t realize it was on live as I was looking at the Lam forums at the time. Overall this bug is no big deal, think they can fix it quickly.

2, The wife is in Evening Star doing some browsing on the AH when she sees some bracers she wants but are too much for her blood. So she wonders over to the one of the brokers and happens to find the exact bracers she wants for broker prices vs AH prices. But can’t buy them. You can put them in the buy box, but you can’t see them in the confirm box even thou if you try to close the window it says you have things in the window and the buy button never becomes active. So she can’t buy them. There is some talk in the advice/general channels about how to still buy things but we couldn’t and after 30 mins trying I was done…

3, Not real sure what was going on but I while doing a set of flagging Von runs for Tobril’s bard, I switched to AS400 for Von3. And I noticed with no changes other then moving the mouse over the icon my Finger DC was jumping around wildly. At least in the mouse tip. Don’t know if it really was changing but going from my normal 50 to 59 and in between in a handful of seconds by moving my mouse is strange.

4, Went back to Sam for XP and DQ flagging and I noticed that my Fire shield cold was down. Cast forget, play some notice that I am taking more damage then I should recast forget, repeat until I finial catch it starting and turning off at the same time. Say something and Tobril lets me know it is bugged…

5, Tobril and I were doing the High Road quests but Lost in the Swamp is bugged so you can’t enter. Meaning we couldn’t start the end quest anyway. In hindsight, I think Tobril might be right last night when he was telling me we were missing a quest, A Stay at the Inn. I had it in my head that was the last quest, its not so here is one of those examples of me being wrong T. Still want to say 98% right all the time bud. Excluding spelling and grammar. ☺

6, this didn’t hit us directly but we heard that GFL is not going in to yellow slots. I am not slotting anything in any epic slots until I know this is happening or not. Don’t see any thing on the Know Issue list…

7, Oh and didn’t the Ice game stuff start yesterday? Didn’t see anything. So I guess not…

Over all I didn’t have too many issues. And as I was getting thrown into a wall or killed by the floor at least once a game session I am glad to see that fixed. I can live with a few new bugs, but some I just don’t understand how they slipped by.. Oh well I still had lots of fun and got lots of xp. Less then 200k to epic cap and destiny grinding can begin!


5 thoughts on “Patched, Boo or Woot?

  1. Same here – I couldn’t buy anything from brokers … how annoying! 😦 Either way the “stuck in the wall” bug was much more annoying so I think we’re on the right track 😀

  2. Not sure what’s up with the physics. Acanthia’s elite ToD last night didn’t trust the, “Oh, we fixed that” from the patch notes, so the Sully party kept him away from the walls. Doing eDA later, I was running at a pillar and suddenly found myself thrown into one corner and then the opposite corner. COULD have been lag, except of course that there’s no lag in DDO…

    And a friend of mine was trying to slot heavy fort on a ring last night. The altar was telling him it was a success, but the fort still wasn’t slotted. He filled out a ticket and got a response (HEY! Lucky him!) from a GM, who in turn got a senior GM, and it turns out that augment slotting is currently borked.

    The more they “fix,” the more that’s broken, it seems.

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