AM Report

I haven’t done this AM report yet as I felt I haven’t fully explored the possibilities at my finger tips but I am running dry on other topics on my mind besides gear talk and war stories about keeping guildies together when doing quest chains. And of those other two topics the AM bores me the least.

So status update, I am 18/2/4 wiz/rog/epic and AM Evocation Focus, heavy into Force and Electric spells 4 or 5 AP in boosting fire and Acid spells also. Lets see I am working the Draconic Incarnation destiny again Electric dragon path making all that Electric focus work double time.

It is a blast! Plays like a sorc but not hamstrung will at those sorc limitations. Depending on gear sets I can have a 40 Necro DC (I know low for eE but fine for eHs and I have a lot of growing room yet) and a 49 EleLoop/Chain Lighting/Firewall DC. No Save for half/Evasion BS for me.

The best part of the build is the different synergies. The Draconic spell Augmentation ED for example, Electric spells have a [5/10/15]% chance to reduce enemies’ Reflex save by 10 for [10/20/30] seconds. That is a fairly good shot to both stun and/or drop some saves for everyone with a 40 sp ElcLoop. And 400ish a tick from the Energy Vortex while the mob is dotted up with the single target dots and the aoe dots firewall/AcidRain then pop off the Blast and the Breath attack. I am soloing Snitch on my Wiz on eH in for in less then 15mins.

But how much of that is just the destiny? What about just the AM stuff?

Have to say normally my go to spell is Finger, then I web or start to Magic/Chain Missile via the AM clickly. I have found it surprising how often I use the Gust of wind to try and clear a bad aoe and how angry I am when it doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to hit all the things for me that it seems to clear for them… Having access to Fire Shield for almost nothing makes not having Extend much more bearable.

Do I feel a squishy? A little… Okay sometimes… Mainly when I forget to DW or it gets dispelled or just runs out and I take a million neg levels. Talk about pissed. But for the most part he is fairly robust. The other day I died and was pissed over mic. and Tobril said something, for the 3rd or 4th time this life, along lines how surprised he was that I was as able to keep this build up and running as well as I did. And how he didn’t think he could manage something so out of the box. Like most of the casters on the server he took the easy win and would have trouble if he tried to branch out. I don’t know how true that is but I felt a lot better. Then again every time he dies and I don’t or I end up saving him by mistake, I smile a little. I want the feat to always be in a party members focus orb when they are trying to scroll themselves….

That said I am leaning towards shifting back to PM at some point mostly for EEs. I could try going Nerco AM but the clickies are not a good as Evocation and if I am going to lose my cheep damage for DCs I want a fair replacements not bad ones.

In the short term, I want to twist in Brace for impact from the Unyielding Sentinel I think with 40% more fort I could try and use the Yogo pots as long as I fit in some guild fort bonus to help with every damn mob having rogue levels now… On my way over to U.S. I plan to unlock Echoes of the Ancestors Magister and I hope enough points to twist it in. And when I start the EE pass I will see if I need to twist in more Spell pen from whatever other caster ED I am not in at the time or if I can just twist in more INT?

Okay again I am long,

2 thoughts on “AM Report

  1. It is nice that you can enjoy your build even if it is an unusual one. Keep exploring its possibilities and return with a future post 😉

  2. Sometimes I really wish we could have as many classes on our characters as we wanted.

    I would SO have a 2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2 something. Not sure what it would be. But something.

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