Role Filling

For the first time in a long time I just can’t point to Grim’s my.ddo page and say see my weekend, so I will talk a little about what we did and I will mix in a little bit of role playing/filling in groups.

As is quickly becoming a thing for our weekends the DG and HoDW got together for to raiding and other epic questing. More raiding this weekend then we have needed to do the last few weeks as more of each guild logged on then normal.

Think we started with the dragon raid, which is becoming our normal jumping off point for the weekend. Which means I am currently needed to change guys from Samius to Butterz to fill the bard mezer role for our team. Which this week really hurt as I would have jumped at the 100K+ xp Tobril reported for Von5. But sometimes you take one for the team and other times someone takes it for you. That is why your part of a team right?

We talk some post Von run and looks like Chrono is up next as we still have more then 6 people sticking around but that means I can swap back to Samius for xps.

Think we broke for lunch around then, when we got back we were able to do some 6man stuff before everyone got back. Think we worked in a DQ, I needed to take a simi long simi afk while people did the 6man. Somehow I was still able to do two rooms in the 4 or 5 min stretches when I was at the keys between my 2 accounts.

Again for the DQ I switched my main account from Samius back to Samyus to tank.

Sunday ToD, Hound, Vod, and started a Shroud over all in all a good day for knocking out raids. For the ToD we Tobril and I talked about who would tank but as no one else was able to heal I tanked and he played his healer. Yes I dual tanked both end bosses and he solo healed the raid. Wasn’t much of an issue. Think we could step it up to hard next time… If someone could use a few heal scrolls for spot healing that is.

Also we had a super fun Hound. The fastest run I ever have seen. The wiki has here DR as 999/epic so if you do more then 999 points of damage per hit say using a Unbridled Fury Epic Moment you can take her down and more or less bypass the quest. Don’t think I would do this every time but for a “Dude, Check this out!” It was amazing to watch!

We also did some role swapping for VoD we planed on hard (which I think is still a little easy for our combined forces) so I brought my tank and again Tobril Healed. This time I think the wife joined him on one of her Clrs.

I guess my point other then doing a weekend run down for Grim so we can keep track of what our two guilds get done together, is to talk a little bit about filling a role. I normally dislike making a build to fill a given role. But I do have a few role fillers. Samyus my tank, Butterz the bard/trapper I do have a few clrs none of which are super healers but one is on the list to speck out even more for healing and removal spells, Samius when all said and done will be our CC/removal wiz for sure.

We all can’t just have dps or flex alts in our tool box, at least not when raiding shortman. Most of the time there is at least one key role that needs to be filled, more often then not more then one. And if you’re a pugger, nothing will build your rep faster then being good at a given role. And if you build your rep in one area then it is often easy to use that good momentum to do other things as well.

I guess there is a third reasoning behind this post: Tobril flag your bard for Von! Samius needs booties and massive xps.


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