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I was having a brain fart for topics for today’s post so I turned to twitter, hoping for a good jumping off point. And I got a few ideas. Some would take more time then I have to get into and others I just don’t have the desire to become an expert enough to try and write about.

But this one from JafSupO rings true and relates story I wanted to try and cover today but couldn’t find a path to write about it.

@samiusgurobo at what level does it get more time efficient to forego (elite?) BB to keep up XP/min on N or H, esp for TRs? 14ish?

This is tough as it really comes down to your play skill, who else you might be playing with and their play skill and the kind of alt your playing.

For me when leveling Samius he was designed to get to 20. He did it alone and he did it in groups. For the most part once the bravery bonus was added I almost never broke streak. I might have cheated around it once or twice. But for the most part 1 to 20 was on streak.

Now I am leveling Darth Samius on the side right now mostly solo although I have gotting in to a few pugs or even a DG group once and a while and by the nature of his design he has struggled to keep a elite streak running. I know I have broken it at least twice now and then restarted it and I tried last night to break it again. But failed to complete the speed/xp runs I was going for.

Missing and Sane Asylum are very good xp/min, assuming you can kill the beholders at the end and know the quest. Darth should have been able to clean house but even with a healbot was having issues alone and just couldn’t get things done. Over and over again while I started to tile hard…

But over all I think any player could keep an elite streak running assuming they have a team with good synergy. Solo it depends on the build and your personal play skill, my guess would be around vale quests maybe the IQ but if your that far solo you can just finish things up on streak.

Example the DG and the Brits have been doing EE Purple Knight favor quests. For the wife and I, some of those runs were our first time in the quest, but the team works so well together we rarely had issues. If we all lived in the same time zone (and merged) I would think we would be one of the “top” guilds on the server fro doing things, our synergy is just that good.

However, Tobril has talked me in to stepping down to a hard streak for epics with the hope, as I understand it, to be level capped at level 25 before needing to do some of the Forgotten Realms quests; so to farm them for destiny xp faster. And so far it seems to be working….

9 thoughts on “Xp per Min

  1. XP per minute is one of those buzz kills like BYOH, Know Quest, Be self-sufficient and worst of all Dont Die. But as noted in other posts, we all play differently and if it works for you then cool.

  2. Interesting. Do you think for a player on his 3rd+ life doing mostly solo but also PUGs from time to time it is actually faster to do hard streak instead of elite? This is a thing that I was thinking lately that might be better for myself since the jump in difficulty tends to get unforgiven when I solo and don’t have much time for too many tries. I am not sure this is feasible though. Care to share your thoughts on it?

    • Mal, i had a line saying that if you want the best xp per min over all i think that a hard steak + normal zerg will be faster per min then elite streak but would mean more over all repeats which is not what i want any more.

      but i cut it as it was not really needed for the topic of when do you stop Elite streaking due to speed. My short answer is i normally dont.

  3. I swap from Elites to Hards between 14 and 16 depending on how effective I am that life and how much patience my Gamer Girl has with the occasional fail.

    But by 16 it is pretty much always time.

  4. Thanks Sam. Need to figure out what works for me. Right now I stopped somewhere at 12ish with my TR since I suddenly started to enjoy doing epics again. At some point I will return to it though.

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