New is Always Better, Right?

Last night Java, Steam and Torrance (the Wife) went to try our hands at the some of the new quests. For the record Java might not be the best one for this quest but as I have never run it before and atm he is my go to guy for new content (wf Fvs with tons of great gear) he made the most since to me at the time. Oh and he is the only lvl 20 guy I have on my account flagged for FR. I have a few 20+s but xp for the wife was a factor.

First up Thorn and Paw. Step in on hE.

Side bar. Can we all agree to use eX for epic difficulties and hX for heroic difficulties? Cool thanks.

OH might be thought of as spoilers………………..

So we get started the 2.5 of us on hE. Buff and start moving and a wall of plant mobs show up. I BB and the wife firewalls and all the plant mobs stop and start Acid Balling spamming for 150 over 30 rests. Which while great from a challenge point of view, I mean that feels smarter to me (stand back out of the aoe and spam high dps spells), but it is a bitch when applying the beat down via non-evasion builds.

Almost right away the wife’s hirehealbot dies due to the huge incoming spell damage. I end up casting heal almost every time it is off timer until the last tree caster is down.

As we move along the quest seems simple enough, the fights are a little costly. The fighting the named Druids we encounter along the way plus the acid spamming trees are real tough but we press on. Clear one side and do the thing. Trying to be simi spoiler free, but I think people that know the quest know what I am talking about. Anyway doing the thing opens things up so more mobs can come at us and we are running low on Sps but we get back to the middle.

Start clearing the other side post shrine and rebuff, I move Steam to the middle which seems safe to throw those buffs. When the other side and I realize that there must be another shrine on the first side that we missed as we stumble into what is clearly a shrine room. Look over and Steam is dead? Nice.

Get back to the middle where I need to clear some trash (that showed up to kill Steam while my back was turned) running myself low on Sps while the wife looks for the other shrine and falls in to a hole and dies. It is not funny, but today I can’t help but smile a little. As soon as I am able I get to her and get her up. And together we find the shrine. And head to what we think is the end fight. But the way is still blocked. Okay go ahead and look at the wiki. It says check the pits for trash. 4 or 5 dead mobs later and the end fights starts.

Which was super cool, at one point I was using both accounts at the same time while the wife kited the room around. Mostly do to my own dumb actions…. Over all new quest and on hE 6kish xp and the wife is starting to get despaired.

We move on to Outbreak where in the first room we are over whelmed with mobs casters and melee alike. And have to deal with casters spamming fear and chain lighting lets just say at that point the wife was done….

Post her leaving I swapped to As400 with the plan to do more Seal runs when I say Oncler doing what I thought was Epic xp runs in Party Crashers. Turns out we were only doing the one run then moving on to Snitch which is bugged as hell btw and not worth the time. About then food was ready and I logged to eat and watch TV.

Later I get back on to do a challenge run for mats 20 mins and 3 pots later, I need a better non-Necro killer caster for some challenges. What do I get? Less then 200 armor fragments. Might need to get a little better on that one….

Already long so I am going to call it. Rock out kids.


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