What am I? Where is my DDo Happiness?

For my 400th post I wanted to go a little deeper then a weekend report so I ask myself and I hope to inspire you to ask yourself: What am I? and Where is my DDo Happiness?

I just wrote half a page rambling a long to get to the meat of my question, and I thought it boring to reread so I am editing all that fat out to ask myself this better question, “What do I want out of my “final” build?”

I am at the point that I will be starting my final tr life needed to get my feat. And having played everything I am not 100% sure what I am any more as a dnd player.

Things I do know I need:
A blue bar
Self healing
Removal spells
Combat options
Lots of Hp for wiggle room

Thing is I am not sure any more what that means for me when it comes to builds. Other then a dick being a wizard is my truest nature. But is it really? I like having every option at my fingertips; maybe that calls more to the bard/arty/druid classes then the others. If the arty had a slightly better spell list I could see going full on arty. If there were a few more scroll options from vendors I could see being a bard for a while. And after playing the druid it is a super strong class even more so then the wizard to have the right tool for the job. But are those sometime alt builds or are they me? So no real help on heroic levels. But I still have a few lives I think before I have to make that call.

Guess I don’t really have any point to this post right now. It is not like I will come to any answers right this minute and take off shouting eureka around the office. But I totally would if I had a final build pop into my head.

As always I am just trying to share my thoughts as we all can become better players. Until 401, Where is your DDo Happiness?

4 thoughts on “What am I? Where is my DDo Happiness?

  1. Is what you do what you are? Most MMOs have proposed standard roles: DPS, Tank, Healer, etc. But is your DDO identity limited to this role? You say you want to have options and DDO provides that: Characters strive to be self sufficient, to contribute out of their main role as well. But is this enough to define your identity? What about your character appereance, name? Without any need to roleplay some people incorporate symbolic aspects that help illustrate part of an identity into their character’s appareance.

    Maybe you will get your answers right near to the end when you conclude your character’s last life just like a painter will give the final brush to their paintings.

  2. Im unsure lol, when i first started all i wanted to be was a caster, first few sorcs then a wiz, then i tried melee and that was all i wanted.

    I just seem to enjoy whatever im playing dont think i have a happiness 🙂

  3. I cannot say that I am disappointed with the amount of arti spells. Wizard and sorc have many more but in the end, I rarely use the full arsenal. The dungeons are not that demanding in flexibility and raids 100 times less so.
    I think divine is probably not the thing for you either, they might have better SP bars but not as strong spell lists unless you go melee (where it matters less) or insta-kill (3 wiz, 3 FvS, 3 sorc PLs).

    All around, tough choice. You also will want to build something that has enough feat slots so you do not feel like you’re suffering from losing a feat to completionist. Making wizard and artificer above druid in that respect.

  4. My DDO happiness… is too soon to tell. I just have played Wizzy and Druid, and have loved both so far. But I’m guessing I’ll be like Legend, just loving what I’m playing at the moment.

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