Early thoughts on the Catholic Priest

Over the last few days I have really been thinking about how I will be leveling up next life and I think I have a loose out line that I am calling the Catholic Priest model.

Why am I calling it that? Because it is a holy man with the bad touch. ☺

Okay after doing some reading I found in the case of a level tie how the game decides to break ties. And if you don’t know it is like this take all the original classes and put them in alphabetical order then add the new classes in the order they were added. The wiki has a list on the Past_Life_Feats page under the heading Dominant Class. But if you can remember in alphabetical order then new you will be good most of the time. So Monk/Pally tie would go to the Pally as it is an OG class. Barb/Bard would go to the Barb as it would come first in alphabetical order.

So a 9/9 monk/pally split would work out for my past life being a pally. And that is good news, as that leaves me with 2 extra levels to play with.

I am debating on splashing for trap/full umd or feats. I was going to do arty levels because I really like how their spells even at low levels. And then I could go Helf and the Rogue Dilly for more sneak attack damage then I could with two rogue levels.

And come one what holy man doesn’t want to smite evil into the spleen of evildoers.

But I have to say that fighter is also a good option over Arty. Sure you loose trap skills and full umd but gain 2 feats a haste attack boost and +1 str. So I will need to look at that option later on.

So lets look at the meat of the build, stats. 14 15 16 12 12 12. With tomes stat requirements, ie GTWF, are handled when we can take them. If we first level arty that is 20 skill points enough to start all of our important skills and for monk levels that is 5 so con/search/disable and then we can use the second arty level around level 10 or 11 to re-max umd and any other skills we left behind. Once int tomes start to roll in extra points can roll over into Umd or Balance as needed. I also tend to skip a level or two of maxing trap skills to get balance to 10 I find that 10 is a good number for me in balance.

I just looked at the time and my to do list for the day and I better run. More on this Monday, either more thoughts or maybe a probber layout or even how I started to build the thing. You know when I will start a TR. ☺

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