Some “What If”s for You

Last week I answered some What if/make you think like questions from Goggle. Today I want to give you some to answer.

What if you woke up and you were your main alive and well in DDO but you don’t know for sure what would happen if you died. Would you still quest? If yes above, at or below level?

What if due to a fluke your main always has plat maxed out at the plat cap no matter what you buy. How would that effect your play?

A smexxy one: Think everyone knows the “Marry, Frack, Kill” game lets play one. Jailor from Tod, Sor’ jek from SoS, and Anur-Shub the Hellion from the shroud. Then once you finish what does that say about you?

Turbine as added a new feature for your own sound track for bard songs as long as those songs are on your computer and in a common file format. What songs do you change and to what?

One more….

You win a contest from Turbine for a million dollars. But to claim your prize you have to agree to a full make over DDo style where you look just like one of the raid bosses for a full year, also they are going to make a TV ad featuring you getting that make over because you love DDo that much. Would you do it?

Just some fun thoughts to think about.

7 thoughts on “Some “What If”s for You

  1. love what if’s?
    What if every time a hireling was free of his contract he was also free to give you a decent payback for all the names you called him.

    As a note to this: I really would like to see a payback weekend event. where the ones you should overcome is the union of hirelings. During that period people should be unable to use any.

  2. Lets see:

    Yes, but below level – if there’s a chance I might not res, think I’ll be taking the easy option.

    Yes, most certainly – I’d become a lot less tight when spending large amounts of plat, may even buy the good stuff, instead of hoping to loot it.

    I’ll have to get back to you on the “Marry, Frack, Kill” one.

    All of them to catchy and cheesy pop songs, guaranteed to be stuck in everyone’s heads for hours.

    No – there’s a limit to what I would do for even a million dollars.

    Only if in return you could get the hirelings back for every time they’ve done something stupid.

  3. 🙂

    1. yes and below level if the options are above or below. My main kicks butt and is pretty good at staying alive, but why risk it?

    2. 🙂 well, if I didn’t have to risk being banned for taking advantage of a bug, then of course I’d buy all the stuff I now can’t afford, like tomes and large mats.

    3. I have not yet met the Jailor from Tod or Sor’ jek from SoS, so I can’t address the question 🙂

    4. I wouldn’t, lol. I’m not artistic, and that sounds like work XD

    5. 🙂 No.

    Very boring answers from me, hehe.

    P.S. This are kinda fun, anyway. I should come up with my own.. nah, I’ll let u do that XD

  4. 1. Considering my main is a wizard with high intelligence Id play cautious because you never know if one wrong turn is your last but id play at level so that there is enough of a challenge for me to go woah and learn more.

    2. If I had maxed plat id buy a keep if they were availible in a real world version no way id walk around with that much plat on me at all times especially with gangs like the sharn syndicate about.

    3. hmm marry Sor Jek for security, Frak Jailor because hes a demon and you know what they say about them in the sack, kill anur shub because the freaking guy is always the one the noobs kill first thus making part two a joy…

    4. My bard needs to play Free bird all the time everywhere FREE BIRD WOO!

    5. Hell yeah give me some extra arms and a red mane and id totally be a Lailat lol.

  5. I’m not interested in the other ones, but I’ll answer the last one.

    Screw a commercial, I want an entire hour special devoted to me getting this epic makeover! Extreme Makeover: Eberron Edition, baybee! (So, yes, I’d do it. Especially if I could get an advance for a new computer… Oh, but I’d only do it if it was one of the bosses where I could actually keep playing!)

  6. I could look like the Demon queen for a year AND be paid 1 million? SCORE! (the rest are male as far as I remember)

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