Epic Thoughts..

So last night was my guild’s “Epic night” and we ran a lot of epics. And I have to say I had a lot of fun. One of the things we did was vons 1,3,4 on Epic normal. Von 3 got skipped because it only opens on normal normal for some reason… Anyway as things progresses in Von3 we were finishing up and the Marut died super quick and Tobril and I kinda looked (if you can look via on screen alts) at each other and said okay we need to step things up to Ehard. And that spun off into a little decision about Epic quests being too easy now that I guess is happening on the forums.

So this is how I feel in a nutshell. To me they feel about right. If I wasn’t fairly well geared out or a little less skilled I might have issues on Enormals. And I see that in some of out more casual guildies. Not that they can’t do the quest. But instead of feeling like someone is directing them via verbal commands they can do their own thing and try to help in there own way. Where before we did have to give a lot more “Do X now!” instructions.

Newly 20+ people need some place to go to keep moving up in the game. And before the Xpac they had to limit themselves to the easier epics as long as some one more experienced was willing to help them or raiding… I would have never taken a fresh 20 (non-guild) in to say epic DQ or Wizking pre Xpac. Right now I might, if I am feeling social, take a Defense channel person or maybe even throw up a LFM…

Well I could.

Don’t judge me!

Okay most likely not…. But i could.

Now I haven’t done a ton on Ehard as we are still mostly just feeling out the different EDs and how they are playing with a scale. But the Few Ehards I have done fell slightly harder but not to bad and the one or two Eelites I have done feels about the same as the old Epic setting. But for the extra time to complete right now (some DG people are just now level 21) Enoramls and Ehards will become our norm for a while. But if you were running the old epics then the EE setting holds the same challenge.

Lastly I will say I really enjoy the fact that people can short man epics with out too many issues. I know that some people will have issues but for the most part it is very doable for everyone. And I like that.

Having the option to grab a friend and knock out almost any epic with out worrying too much about party makeup is nice, just to hang out and feel like forward momentum in the end game is still happening.

5 thoughts on “Epic Thoughts..

  1. Von 2 has an entrance, but the real quest comes from the gal inside, So go inside on heroic normal, then talk to the girl (get drawn in), and enter the quest on the real difficulty you want.

    And where is that pre-gen con CTH? =)

    • Ding DIng. I am dumb. Have to knock that out tonight maybe. Thanks.

      In CTH news, show is taped and edited and ready to post but there has been some uploading issues. But Lessah is working on it like a champ.

  2. We had exactly the same problem (we thought) with Von2 until one of our bright sparks realised our error 🙂

    And yay for CtH!!

  3. Harsh Reality has been doing most of the non raids on Epic Normal and Epic Hard. Of course, that means I have been soloing them as I have the only lvl 20+ toons in the guild.

  4. 🙂 I sorta like the new difficulty setting. I believe my Thazara can solo epic normals now, hard requires a party. I haven’t tried epic elites yet, but I did 3 runs of eH DA a couple of weeks ago, and I agree that it’s much easier than the old eDA. Not sure if elite is the same as the old epic, though? I didn’t check the CR of the mobs in eDA before the update, but someone said they’re CR48 on elite now.

    Of course I really dislike soloing, but I do like trying out my toon’s abilities, so of course I’m gonna try solo some stuff with Thazara just to test her out.

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