Ac Changes and Me (P1 – Little Samius)

Getting home to an updated client was real nice. I was able to change and long on with out hours of waiting for things to update and mad tweeting about how I couldn’t get on. So I am calling last night a win on that alone. I got to play. There are lots of people that couldn’t due to waiting for updates. And to those people I say Remote Desktop or phone your kid/wife like I did.

Speaking of the wife real fast. Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. In light of my new try to get healthy mindset I bought her a bike last Friday and now she thinks I am trying to kill her via bike riding. But really I just want her to be healthy too. If she is going to make me live a long life she better tag along or else….

Anyway back to ddo.

After spending a ton of plat reupping the ship buffs (the DG got hit with the ship wipe bug) with two rentals a buff my haggle bard became broke as shit but Samius was able to buff so worth it?

Now normally I don’t bother with AC until level 5 or so on Samius. A crafted Invulnerability outfit with a med guild slot is all the defense I need for the first few levels. But I thought lets look and see how things stand with the AC changes. At level four I had a 29 AC which the little defense calculator told me was 50% to 64% miss seems good, right? I am not sure if I was fighting mobs over the level that Turbine does its calculations against or if elites factor in to things more then the calculator can factor in but there was a constant stream of red 0s flying across the screen. Meaning I was getting hit but my DR was reducing the damage to 0 or less. I caught myself dodging once all night, but my dodge is all of 1% so that makes sense expect I have 3 monk levels and 1 artificer level thought monks were like the dodge masters??? I will say I don’t feel any different AC wise right now at level 4. I normally get hit a lot and live via the Invulnerability DR.

On the flip side I did notice a difference in my attacks landing. While no to yellow skull I felt I was missing more then before. It could be that I normally use higher pluses wraps or a staff at this level where this life I only have my +0 lesser vamp wraps boosted via my arty spell to +1. Yeah baby! Arties rule, even at level 1!

But I was missing a lot more then I normally would during normal play, however I did red skull myself in a few places and I felt that I didn’t have the normal difficulties getting out of the red skull that I normally do. So maybe there the Ac/to hit changes were helping me. Fopo will know better then I because he is always complaining when I red skull us when he can’t hit. But if didn’t like the red skulls he wouldn’t play with me, right? :p

At the end of the night I leveled to 5. And that is where I start to switch into early AC with the Jidz, a 3 piece Abishi set and shield wands. So maybe I will know more in the next day or two.

Think the guild will be hitting the new stuff to night and I plan to take my tank and that might be an AC shock! I will let you know tomorrow.

One thought on “Ac Changes and Me (P1 – Little Samius)

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I haven’t really had much chance to play with the new AC, but it amuses me that my monk has around a 50% miss chance “at-level,” whilst my bard has around 7%…

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