Believe It or Not this is my Fighter Life

Saturday night I capped out As400 and started preparing Samius to TR. I know there is an update coming/is here. But I have to keep my eye on the ball if I am going to hit my completionist goal this year. And really I am not worried about doing the new stuff on Samius yet, give him a few levels when he can get xp out of them. For now Samyus, Butters, Java and As400 will be my explorers into the realms.

I was on the fence as to how to best level Samius this go around a few reasons.

Fopo is planning to use his xp stone to jump to 16 when he reaches level 8. And it is a great plan for him. And if I didn’t want as400 ready for this new content I would have done the same, but I did.

So I will need to be able to mostly solo from 1 to 16 assuming that Fopo waits for me at 16 and doesn’t push on to cap out. Which he could and if he did I wouldn’t blame him for doing so.

Lastly I might not be soloing the whole time, Steiner Davion, Phlor and the wife all have TRs coming up in the next few days/weeks. So depending on everyone’s leveling speed and how much time I spend on alts working on the new content I might be leveling real slowly. Slow enough that people can catch up with me. I just don’t know.

All that typing to get to here, the real start of the post. I can be long winded for no good reason.

How would you build a solo fighter build? What would the first 5 levels look like? Would people know you’re a fighter? This go around I am going 10/9/1 Fighter/monk/artificer. Level 1 artificer and levels 2 through 10 monk, aka no fighter levels at until level 11.

This is what I am calling the Heavy Bowonk build. I get skills (traps and full UMD), a blue bar (for AA) and a few helpful spells from the artificer as well as assess to a few cool wands with out umd checks. Also my scrolls get a little boost. Monk gives me well most of what I need to cap out; ToD, evasion with high saves, free heals, Amp, earth stance (hps, dps, more ac and dr (assuming that MotU didn’t break earth stance)). Fighter will give the feats for both ranged and two weapon fighting as well as more hps and the bonus to fists dps if I do Kensei 1. Not to forget the past life fighter feat once I TR again in a few weeks.

Okay time to go. Look forward to some posts real soonish as to how the AC changes affect me while leveling. You can thank Tobril for requesting them if you get tired of me talking about AC. Remember the Bowonk model can reach real solid AC numbers while leveling. Becoming almost untouchable at different points in the game with simple gear swaps.

Anyway back to work. ❤

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