Hard Core Leveling Day

Saturday was the first Defense Hard Core leveling day. We had more or less 6 guild members play from 10am to about 9-10 pm with two half hour food breaks. The idea was xp per min baby.

Lets see we had the wife on a 3x plus TR, Tobril and myself were on 2nd life guys, two first life premium accounts (one played by my son and not dual boxed by myself) and Tim who was already level 4 on a 3x+ TR but had to take longer breaks for travel and stuff.

Our goal was level 8 so we could all stone up. With 3x Trs in the group 552,500 was needed to reach level 8. At 1k per min that is 9.3 hours of game time. Thankfully we did better then that most of the time. Other then one window farm of Delera’s 4, which if we were thinking at the time we wouldn’t have needed to do so, there was no cheesyness. Elite streak and everything.

So by the end of the day we had taken 4 or 5 alts from 1 to 16. Man it was tireing. I can’t understand how people do it every time they level an alt. If that was how I did it I would hate leveling up alts too. There is just no time to enjoy life in that pure xp pure min life. And I like zerging and going fast, but I need down time too.

Some reflections….

Boy I knew I missed wizarding, but I didn’t know how much. There is something to be said about run, orange skull gather, acid ball, fire ball, acid blast repeat while laughing that you have almost 100 hp and living life on the edge.

Looking at some of the Open Beta comments I might need to Tr As400 again and return him to more of a melee wizard over a big DC caster or lesser him from a pure Pale master instant killer back to Hold/web Am. 😥 Didn’t really enjoy having to play the hold guy when epic were hold and melee beat down fests. Looks like that might be how it happens again. Looks like challenges might become my way to farm of tokens.

Trying to lead a noob through Irestone is not fun. At one point I told Remm (my son) that there was a chest straight ahead that was cleared, get it and run right back to me. About a min later I was running across the dungeon trying to save his butt from dieing while he was incapped. Straight according to him was a slightly to the right and directly in to a pile of mobs. But he said it looked clear to him until they jumped him. Mister full ranks in spot, I don’t think so…. But over all he did well and I think he really loves having a level 16 arty. The kid will run slayers all day if you let him. And now that he had Gh, the vale, and reaver’s hide-de-hole to explore I think he will be super pleased. And we might all see him solo cap out from explorer zones….

However much not fun leading a noob through Irestone wasn’t having that noob trap was even less fun. Instructions of come and stand on me ended up with him running past me and into the traps to die a lot. 😦

But over all I think leveling day was the best day of Ddo some people have had in a long time. The shear feeling of accomplishment from taking a TR from 20 to 1 to 16 in one day is huge for some people that only have none or only one capped alt. And for my son this is now his highest level guy. And he played it to 16 even if he got a bit of a boost from the xp stone he did it.

Thanks Turbine. Now fix the AC and the Hard to Kill and we are good.

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