More Tanking Stuff

Last night being “Epic Tuesday” and containing no actual epic runs was not a bust but not what I am looking for in a “epic” night either. Did the xp think with Fopo for a Litany run or two. Then Did a normal Tod with the guild, then did a few lack luster challenges finally ended the night getting things moved around and crafting a few Vamp shards while they are 100% shots.

Okay lets jump to the Tanky stuff. Once again Tobril fires up the old normal Tod run. I move to Samyus to tank, from the guild we have a Clr and 3 monky builds all looking for the same rings (which is lot fun BTW)… I guess one of my wife’s many monks has convinced her to put aside her anger at the raid, at least for guild ran runs and hunt for rings like the rest of us. Start filling with puggers and Miss joins on one of his many tanks, this one a fighter. Giving us 3 possible tanks. Oh, also kinda important no Artificer this run. Need like 4 or 5 more tokens to slot good in my Fang… I need to epic token hunt to night and get that done.

Part one, Miss is assigned to tank wings, so I play “try and pull the Orthon” as I am always testing my hate. With out using intim I get the orthon’s agro easily enough and keep it Doted and full DPS on it. Mean while Miss is having issues with a guy or two Doting and shooting Wings and has to chase Wings down and Intim to get him/her back. So after we all get on Wings s I grow tired of it running off after Dotters, so I throw an Intim and never loose agro of Wings again and it stops porting away. The fight is very quick after that.

Side Note: Been having lots of talks with Fopo on how much hate I have and if it is enough to hold against big dots. He has to use intim a lot more then I do atm, but we are not quite apples to apples. I got the fighter capstone for the attack speed and double strike increase as well as the fully powered Fang, giving me that extra 20% hate I think putting me far enough ahead that once I am good aligned I should be more then fine.

Part Two, I again try to pull and hold aggro this time with no head start. I get him to turn to me more then a few times. But it is too close as Tobril gets him back with in a few hits once the extra damage from his sneak attack kicks in. Losing 15 points to DR was had to be the issue, because if it is not then I can’t fix it.

Part Three, I am the Main tank. Alright! Time to go! I get him placed and people move in. Tobril asks if is it fine to come in. And two or three people said they assumed I would be good as they were in right away, including a Dotter. I said if I lost him I would intim and they moved in hard and fast. Sully dropped and Miss took her in to the corner to play and told everyone to come in right away that he planed to intim to hold her. Having forgotten my intim gloves now that I made my brawn spirits epic I couldn’t go full one AC by swapping into my AC trinket and tower shield. Not that I would anyway as with the dr issue I needed all the attack speed and double strike chance I could muster. Go go Fabricator’s Gauntlets and Epic Swashbuckler.

When the party turned everything was fine up until the very end when the dots caught up to me. But I was able to intim Horoth right back.


Un like the last 3 runs there were rings in the chest, 4 of them I think. And most of them very good ones. I was in the middle of a setting up a three way trade for the rings so I could get my Cinder ring its owner just passes it to me. (may be that guy doesn’t like Miss telling everyone how to pass the loot around, idk) But I get it. Miss offers up his ring for roll, and the wife ends up being the only one that wants it. And she passes her ring to the guy that passed me the Cinder as he was the only one that wanted it. Everyone wins, well other then Miss. Who got a completion and a good time. Totally made up for the 2 hours I wasted in an Abbot raid he ran a few days ago. 🙂

And like that my AC is 86ish self buffed. Bard song, Recitation an arty Armor buff low 90s. Rework my Armor some more to allow More dex (have 3 possible points wasted atm) if I only can see how to fit in one more point and keep the Calvary plate but mid 90s is due-able.


2 thoughts on “More Tanking Stuff

  1. If by “sneak attack” you mean touch of death, then yes.

    Once you slot the fang I think the defender will have more hate.

  2. I assumed you were using the Bad Touch when ever it was not on timer, not just when i had the agro. That 3 or 4 d6 sneak attack from ninja spy however would allow you to regain with no extra effort….

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