Just Like Everyone Else

Just like everyone else I am debating on how to best use my Stones of skipping levels.My first thought was to jump a huge amount of XP the next time Samius TRs again. Level 8 is not hard for Fopo and I to knock out in a day. But if it is just him and I then it doesn’t take very long to cap anyway. We slow down with more people. Not because more people slow down the questing, but because we don’t want to loose people on the chains and/or strand people in places they can’t solo/pug out. Example we spent all night last night trying for the last sigil piece so we can hit Litany hard and fast, as it is almost a level on its own, last life we had 4 people to grind out sigils for and they were not always available when we were hitting those quests for xp. Anyway I think I have ruled out using it on Samius as I am always willing play him, alts are not so lucky. That said I have a few capped guys that I have been thinking need a TR to help them out.

Samiusbot is a first life WF PaleMaster. His gear is not bad, but not great either. And for a first lifer his Dcs are fairly good, 43-44 wail 42-43 for most everything else. But he has no Spell Pen to speak of and his HP wearing his “DC” docent is laughable and his Sp is horrible but he has no Sp items so it is not as bad as it looks. I could easily do a junk Barb life to 8 skip to 16 and then round it out to 20 and then go back to 20 solo as a wizard. Leveling casters are easy for me, barbs not so much.

As400 is a lot like Samiusbot but he is in a ton better shape gear wise, having his Torc and no super special docents to make him stay WF. But I thought he might become my permanent Artificer as it aligns with his original build goal of a CC/Xbow build. Yes I had a Grease casting WF heavy repeater build for a long time before the artificer was a dream in the Devs eyes. And yes he got morphed into a melee Wiz but his core gear is still there. I could also shift gears with AS400 and go pure DC wizard even though when Samius is done he will be king of my DC caster hill. That is a few lives away yet and it wouldn’t suck to have a big DC guy for epics as Samius wraps up completionist. But having him go DC caster and then Samiusbot

Butterz my Bard could also use another life. I want to change her race and make some adjustments to her build that only a TR will allow. But I don’t want the down time on her from epics to recap her with out another major epic runner.

I also have Mcgoggles a Fvs that can become anything, HealzYouNot a Clr that is a few raids short of a nice set of 20 completions and would make good fodder for a clr 2.0 as well as a clunk that will be turned into my permanent Bowonk. Or SamiusJr my Monk that can use a quick TR back into a monk…

But here is the thing, whatever I do it needs to be able to handle 2-4 pikers as well as become a popular alt to me once recapped. I want to get the most out of my skip 8 levels stone to net some guild renown, give an old alt some renewed purpose and bypass a large chunk of leveling that is not all the great on alts.

What am I going to do? I don’t know. I do know will power up an alt on my son’s account. Rolled him up a ranged wf artificer last night. And he loves the idea of having one. If he can keep himself ungrounded for a few days this summer he might even get to play it himself. Also I have at least one friend’s account that hasn’t played in over a year. I want to roll up a new alt on it and power it to 16 for him (maybe that will entice him into logging on again…) and if it happens to net the guild a few K in renown so be it. 🙂

How are you going to use your stone?

3 thoughts on “Just Like Everyone Else

  1. I was reading on the forums that the XP stone breaks guild renown rewards (12/16/18/20). Just hearsay, but I’m not going to count on the bonus renown so I don’t get mad when it doesn’t happen.

  2. No one needs a stone like a 3rd-life or later TR. I just can’t get past the math. So my completionist-in-progress will be getting the stone on her next pass by 8th level.

  3. our TR-(Snail)-Train is using the stones on the current incarnation… we coincidentally just hit L8 as the stones were announced.

    There was a brief pause, as we considered upping ALTs to “shroud” level… but just looking at the XP a 4th life needs, compared to a first… we decided to boost our 4th life toons.

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