Level 15 aka Quicken Reconstruct

Last night Fopo and I hit the xp hard and fast as we try to do most xp nights. About 30 mins before it was time to log off for the night, we leveled. As I needed too or hit the bankable xp cap. Hello 5 or 6 more points in balance, Quicken, Reconstruct, and a few other spell swaps thanks to having reconstruct.

After taking 5-10 mins picking up a few new spells Fo and I hit Mired in Kobolds. A made zerg to the end of the quest happened. Buffing, shining and whatnot and then the dragon.

The stars aligned and the build was just right. I keep lighting motes and its extra damage from lighting on the baby black dragon. Stood close enough to rune arm blast for a few hundred points of damage a charge and kept Fopo healed as he tanked the little guy. Victory was swift and easy.

I hit the shrine again, and ready myself for Big Mama. We always go for Mama (yes even on Elite) and 9 times out of 10 we win.

Fopo asks for the plan. I say I will grap the archers, he can kite around mama until have them all and then we will set up and do more or less the same as we did with baby. Off we go. Turns out the archers are using naughty arrows and not sonic ones like I thought so I was taking 5 to10 points base + 4 to 5 points from the naughty take that times what 6-8 archers and the reconstruct cool down was too long. I was able to stay alive if all my timers were used to heal myself. And with the torc and CordOp I could take them for a long while. But sooner or later I would need to heal Fopo and as that happened bang I died.

Fo was able to run around healing himself long enough to throw me a rez. But more or less as he did, he took a bad shot to the back and died. So I ran, healing and buffing until I get Fo a rez. We are in the mist of a recovery when I try for a Flame Turrent to try and give us a handful of breathing space when Fo drops again trying to pull the dragon off me. The dragon turns back to me in a heartbeat knocking me to half Hp and knocking me down. And the arrows take me down to next to nothing. When the dragon fires off her acid breath I am done.

So quicken reconstruct is not the bees knees all by itself but it made me feel a lot less squishy. Think I with a little more fine tuning the melee arty will really take off again. The damage out put is on par with other one handed melees. Having just finished my AC fighter I have a good idea were the water mark is for one handed dps. But I need to remember to get my DR trinkets (Bloodrage Symbiont and Kaelth’s Touch) back out of the bank for sure. If I had them think we would have won first time no problem.

Anyway expect more Arty talk after the weekend. I fully expect to be going on about Blade Barrier or Tactical Detonation.

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