Let me Sell you on the FvS

I have a couple of Guildies looking to make/TR alts into a divine class. They both are not sure how to do so but they both have ideas and have asked for help. And this is my advice, look at FvS.

Wants: Melee, self and group healing, Hp, good defenses (other then Hp and self healing), solid solo ability.

Now I could copy and paste they want list and add a few things and call that what a FvS gives you but that would make a short post for the day. And while I want to knock out a fast one, you all deserve a good one too.

Melee: X of your faith, gives you a lot of combat options, as well as your final level 20 perk but we will talk about that later. Depending on your race you can pick between currently 5 faiths. I don’t know if the Xpack will include more or not. But your faith grants you a set of weapons and some special enchantment options. And as you level up you get better and better with your religious weapon.

Healing: Um heal spells and lots and lots of Sp. Enough said.

Hp: They have a full toughness enchantment line. So that is 40 more hp then clrs. And if your not worried about Dcs then you have one less stat to worries about then a melee Clr. Str, Con, Chr vs Str, Con, Wis, Chr so more build points in to Con if you want.

More defenses: Fvs gets three choices of gaining a stacking 10 elemental resistance. I did Fire, Ice and sonic on my FvSs so with ship buffs I am as covered as possible with out needing to use SP for more end game elemental attacks. Also at 20 you get Dr10/x, x is based off your faith which is helped along by your race if you remember. Standing DR more then 5/ is not real easy on a clr.

Even more: Wings, that leap ability is super good, I mean I use Tp to buy stacks of Missile-toe when it is available. And FvS just get it… Free spells for hitting level 20, Sure shield spell 100 time a quest is not uber, but Searing light, Cure light wounds or Incisibilty are all cool and I can even see times that command undead might be a boon.

Any way roll all that together, and you get one very tough build for solo or group play.

There are some down sides. Spells come a level later then a Clr and you have less slots over all to play with. It can be strange to have a ton more Sp and less spells to cast. Also it is very hard to have it all on a fvs. If you want to be heavy Dced caster with another major focus your stat points don’t really help you and one focus will need to fall aside to a lesser role. As casting FvS needs both Wis and Chr. Unlike Clrs Chr is not just a perk for turns that turn in to other abilities, it is a major casting stat and needs to be at least 12ish. Also Fvs only get Wis +2 enchantments and not the +3 that Chr’s get. But casting FvS are very fun, I have a ranged/casting focused fvs and he is very fun (kinda wish he was an elf so he could also go Arcane Archer.

Anyway before looking at reinventing the wheel for a melee divine build take a look at the fvs class.

5 thoughts on “Let me Sell you on the FvS

  1. 🙂 I have yet to play an fvs, so I can’t really comment. I know that I picked sorc over wiz, because “nuker!” 🙂 But, even though I loved my fvs hires at lower levels playing my first cleric, I’ve come to love the versatility of the cleric. And I’m so stuck on the bursts that I really miss them when I don’t have them. I use bursts and aura for 90% of self heals, and maybe 10-30% of others’ heals. I can’t wait ’til my new clonk gets bursts 🙂

  2. I would be inclined to chose FvS for my next TR, except I really dislike not being able to change ‘prepared’ spells at will. Going to a Trainer and paying an ‘fee’ to change spells just does not seem right (for the Sorcerer, also). If that is something that gets changed, great, but until then, I will stick with a Cleric for my divine healer on my roster.

  3. [lightbulb] “…so he could also go Arcane Archer”
    Holy moley! I built an elf FvS b/c I loved the Raise Dead at level 6. He’s evenly split between combat and casting but oooooh, If I could sneak in AA as well. ooooohhhhh!!!

  4. I think it’s a matter of what you play first, cleric or FvS, as to what you lean toward. I started with FvS, so when get on a cleric, I get extra spells I never use, I forget I can use bursts, and I find myslef trying to wing places, only to remember ‘oh, yeah, I’m not that kind of healer.’ I love FvS soooo much!! Druids are going to have to be ridiculously powerful to compete with FvS for me to choose to park Zoesha as one.

    I tried the Silver Flame Searing Light at cap initially on my first FvS, Massalina, which was fun, but ultimately I reset my enhancements to Sovereign Host. The Cure Light Wounds freebie is insane proportionally to your healing amp. Add on conc opp, and it becomes natural to tank, and pretty hard to run out of mana.

  5. played both up to cap, cleric first, clonk second, WF FVS third. love the WF FVS the most…the cleric is better from 1-17…the bursts and the aura make it outstanding. once FVS hits 18 and can use things like “Terror” and the wings and can cast mass heal, they are better than the cleric, and once they hit 20 and get an additional 10 DR they are much better in my opinion

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