GenCon 101:

I have had a few questions for how to handle a first trip to Gencon. So here is my advice in a nut shell.

1, Listen to this ep of the CtH, DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 21, Gen Con Indy 2010

End of list. πŸ™‚

If you don’t want to listen to a whole show to get the over all scope I will try and knock out a quick list for you.

1, Stay busy. But not super every hour of the day is planed, busy.

2, Try not to do more then 6-8 hours in a row with out a break. If you wouldn’t work for that long with out a break why would you try and game like that?

3, Have snacks handy. Con food is pricy, and the lines are long. Sometimes a quick snack is just the ticket.

4, Same as above for drinks. There are normally water containers for β€œfree” (you all ready paid) ice water. Have a bottle you can fill from time to time.

5, Stop to eat, sleep and SHOWER. You will already be a stinky geek. But try and help yourself out and be less stinky.

6, Have cash/budget. There will be stuff you want to buy. Be careful not to break the bank. Have a budget either in cash (can’t spend what you don’t have) or a mental amount. What ever you have planed add in an extra 20-30 % for didn’t plan to play this items…

7, Dress right. Walking shoes, light dress and have a pack with a hoodie. (some rooms will be cool others will me quite hot.)

Think those are the main things. If you have other thoughts for the con newbs use the comments.


5 thoughts on “GenCon 101:


    Its, unfortunately, worth saying again. Yes, you will be around other gamers, but sour-milk b.o. stench will turn off even the most hard-core of us. You will not make friends (and this is a GOOD place to meet and make friends) and you will detract from the enjoyment of others. Solid advice, Samiusbot!


    • I tried to spell DEODORANT but i couldn’t get real close and i needed to move on…

      Just don’t be stinkier then you have to people.

  2. RE #5: simply out JUST DON’T BE THAT GUY.

    Bring some tylenol or advice or something for aches and pains, your feet will hurt.

    Also schedule some just wandering around time, so much to see and no where near enough time. Buy your event tickets too and some generics as well.

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