See Me Live and Lessah too

This year Cocktail Hour has an event planed at Gencon. We are even on their web site: SEM1231728

Registration starts Sunday. So sign up fast. I want to see the tickets vanish before my eyes. 🙂

6 thoughts on “See Me Live and Lessah too

  1. I live in Indy. Been awhile since my last GenCon visit. If I drop in (mostly to engorge in the massive dealer rooms), I’ll stop by and say hi!

  2. Sam it’s been 5 months 4 days since you released something w/Lessah – how about something NEW before Gencon?

  3. Slugnutty,

    I would ❤ too. But there are issues to over come. One time.
    Two Needs Lessah.
    Three need to make the new mic work on the computer again. Not sure what the issue is but it pairs fine and i can get audo but the mic doesn’t want to work. But if i pair it to my phone it works fine…

    Idk. I will text lessah and see what she thinks.

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