Family Makes a Suggestion

Last Sunday was the 50th wedding anniversary for two of the best people I know, my Grandparents. My Aunt and Mother (?) thought enough to have a bit of a party for them. I think it was funny as I got a card in the mail and I had planed to go, when a few weeks later my mom sends a text message telling us all about it and then telling us she would pick up lunch if we went. Score!

Now spending time with my family is a double edge sword. I love them. Hell they are blood, they could even flock to my house during the end times and I wouldn’t shoot them. If that is not love I don’t know what is. 🙂 I have best mates that I would help hide bodies in the “woods” if something “bad” happened; but will shoot if they show up at my door looking for food if the big shit hits the fan! So my love for my family is not in question.

But I am a kind of the family outcast. Some of that is just distance. They tell me they are only 4 hours away, it takes me more like 5, but damn that is still a 4 hour drive one way! And in part do to I was raised by my father and am something of a nerd. While my brothers where raised by my mother and where/are(?) jocks. So when I do get to see them I often end up butt of some nerd slam, although they like a lot of the same nerdy things I do. And for a long time (and probably still) I am rounder then my brothers, although one of my brothers is catching up with me, and have to eat a lot of comments on the size of my belly.

So anyway I am just hanging out after pictures talking with my son and brother, when we start talking MMos. He is a Wow player, (not something I hold against him 🙂 ) but is and has been playing around with ddo some. And he comments on the blog and the CtH. Hinting/coming right out and telling me that I should try to do some live streaming and what not see if I could parlay some of my personalty and gaming into cash.

And all I can think of is I wish, but I couldn’t play like that, like it was my job. But it sounds great. Okay maybe I could….

What do you all think? Is the blog and CtH and the rare DdoCast enough Samius? Oh did I tell you that I am thinking of signing up for a Live Taping of CTH at Gencon? If not then I am and I have until the 13th do decide for sure and to get us signed up. If your going to Gencon please let me know and if you want to see a live CtH please doubly let me know.

What was I saying… Oh would you watch me play? Would that be fun at all? I know my son loves to watch people play but I think that is mostly the commentary or learning how to do things. And while I am sure there is a few things I could teach you, but I just don’t know…..

Please use the comments on this one.


5 thoughts on “Family Makes a Suggestion

  1. Whoa! Zombies! Crap gotta run! Whoa! Samius! Crap gotta run some more!

    p.s. I’ll see you at GenCon and watch your live stream, live! Especially if it is at whatever replaces Jillians. Lessah going too?

  2. LOL I’ve driven 4 hours just to get some Popeye’s chicken! 😛

    1st: I think if you have a chance to make money, (even if it’s just enough to gas up the car each week),doing something you love to do-go for it. I would be a fan and a body in your audience.

    2nd: I am kinda stupid so the I teach you learn is a non-issue with me 🙂

    3rd: I am proud of my belly you should be too! A lot of time went into this belly of mine! 😛

    4th: Never–NEVER–waste bullets at end times. You need them to kill food-so unless you are a wight–USE A KNIFE!!

  3. by the time he has to pay the other gamers in group, it will cost him more than he makes. his wife and arn’t cheap. and the cost of the sheep for tobril would be outrageous.

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