Pew Pew Pew

Last night, I did some crafting and playing around with trying to get a bit of an AC and ended up with a 49 for questing. An extra point here or there; including a 55% shot to use a 5 min shield wand, with only a trinket swap.

With my new AC I headed in to the desert sands with the guys.

A quick run for seals and we are back in the WizKing. It went fairly smooth. The wife and I took a tower, and Tobril and Fopo took a tower and then we meet up and did the 3rd tower. Nice and easy.

Then it was proposed that we head to elite OoB (Offering of Blood). It went fairly smooth. There was some confusion with what doors we were running past and what ones we were hitting. Okay that was 90% me running past side doors. 🙂

But to deal with a lot of the agro I ended up going ranged and kept moving. Kitting at times until everyone was ready to go. Manyshot and saved Ki to fire 10KS made many bad men go away.

So when we decided to hit up Chains of Pain. I decided to have some fun and stay ranged. Tobril lead the quest but I took care of guys on ledges and used my paralyzing bow to add a little CC to our run. The end fight, which can be a pain, went super smooth. 10KS the named knoll and manyshot + a lighting strike or two helped with Rashad.

Then Elite DQ 6man, At this point the TR group dropped to 3. We each picked up a hireling. To help with the healing. The side rooms went quickly. The queen fights were different. I was the kiter. Tobril used touched of death and Imp Sunder as much as possible. Fo’s Barb helped as he could but I think he was on yelling at the hireling to heal everyone duty. 5 or 6 deaths and one long fight later we sent her packing. The end fight was also more of the same. But with a little more room it was about 5x quicker and about 100 times easier. No deaths.

All in all I am really enjoying the change of pace ranged combat is giving me.

I kinda talked about 10K Stars yesterday. But I got some more time to play with it last night. I currently get 4 arrows in 3 shots. Sometimes 5 in 3, or even once and a while 6, in 3. But the 4 in 3 is about average with a 25 wisdom. For 20 Ki and locking out Manyshot it is good enough. It beats normal ranged, but falls short of Manyshot by a large margin. But anything better then normal is good right?


One thought on “Pew Pew Pew

  1. We tried 2-manning Against the Demon Queen and she wiped the floor with us. Hirelings are just not enough… we had each a healer sitting in the corner, but a wizard and an arti were just nothing but lunch for that woman.

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