My Trip to Sucksville

Lets just call it a rough night and we can all just move along. Kay?

Last night I racked up, 3 or 4 deaths in short order. It started with Red Fins quests on elite which was fine. Although I took a stun to the face after messing up pulling the daddy scorp before the lava. And bit it hard. But I was not the only death in claw so it was okay.

Then we moved on to that level 10 desert walk up with a seal for Wisking, And it went well enough. Got the seal and was leaving when a member got taken out by the red skull alert we were rocken.

So I thought I would pop over to the other walk up and complete the set real fast. I made the run finished the quest and took a stun and died. Again?

Fine. Release and rebuff.

As I am talking to the wife there is some talk of leveling. I guess I confused Tobril on the amount of xp I could bank before capping out the level. So we went ahead and leveled to 13.

I end up did taking that 6th monk level I talked about yesterday. And for the record, 10Kstars is not Manyshot. Or at least it isn’t with a 21 wisdom. I have seen some guess work on how it might work and from what I have seen a 21 to 30 is about the same odds of extra arrows/stars. I am going to think of it as baby Manyshot. It lasts a little longer, and has half the cool down but it is a lot less then Manyshot, better then normal ranged however.

So we get started in wis king. As I have already ran the other seal quest; I zerg it and get the seal real fast. While they get started clearing.

The first tower goes well. We get back down and the spinning blade trap pops up trapping me. I look around and Fo is not around. So jump over them. Or not. I hit the top of the room and fall like a brick into a spinning blade. Before I hit the ground I am dead. Looking at the log I failed a save on a 15+17 (I had my death block on not my evasion gear) and again on a 1. Together it was well over 600 points of damage. I have a lot of hit points but that many.

The wife and Tobril took of to do the quest, while Fo and I took the longest possible way to get around. If there was a hole, I fell into it. And if there was a slay living cast, it killed Fo. It was quite the ordeal. And I was full on tilt. I am kinda surprised that I didn’t just get pissed off and quit for the night, but I swapped on to one of my capped FvS and bought 40$ worth of wood, and then logged.

Not my best night. Let me tell you.

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