Storage Wars

Some times you get home from work, take your pants off and run to your computer to play some Ddo. Along the way you happen to make eye contact with the wife and boom. There goes your plans.

Sure they say all the right things, like “No go ahead and play.” or “I’m good, you can go ahead and play.”

But don’t let yourself be fooled. We know that look means trouble.

If I spent the night working my Sam’s butt off earning xps, I might wake up like old shorty Bobbit. Calling 911 and trying to stop the dogs from enjoying a unpleasant doggy treat that was little Sam.

No, there will be no Ddo in my house on nights when my wife has that special twinkle in her eyes.

Normally that look involves a shitty day at work, that I can do nothing about but I rolled well on my “Read wifes mind check” and learned that little Qwynn took a little nibble of the new couch. The one the wife hunted for weeks. And ended up having to order and waited weeks to get. So there was some unpleasantness there. But that is easily enough to fix, as we did buy the extra special warranty. A phone call should get us on the to be repaired list.

A follow up roll had to deal with the boy and not turning in all of his homework, still. And I am going to leave it at that. Although on last nights House, Chase said his interest in medicine came from being locked in a study with nothing else to do for hours but read his dad’s old medical books, and he is a TV doctor. Hmmmm, interesting thought…..

Back to the wife; She and I spent the night on the couch watching TV mostly via Netflix streaming.

Last week I was hunting for something new to watch while mindlessly grinding xp; and I was clicking around the shows that Netflix has to stream and I remembered that Walt Flanagan from TESD podcast, was talking up Storage Wars. Netflix has it to stream, why not give it a chance?

Because it is super additive, thats why, take it from me if you don’t want to get sucked into a show don’t watch.

So last night I went to watch something else but with in 5 mins of reading between lines like “Why are we watching an Surviverman we have seen 100 times, when there are Storage Wars we haven’t seen?” I ended up took the hint and swapped to Storage Wars instead. And there went the night. At least until House had ¾ recorded.

Storage Wars is one of those shows that should have a warning “Time Machine”. 20 mins turns in to 5 hours so fast it makes your head spin. It has great characters that you hate/love, and you need up yelling at the tv to bid or to stop. It is great.

Anyway no Ddo talk today. Maybe if no one messes up today I can run some raids and earn some xp tonight.

8 thoughts on “Storage Wars

  1. this is not true for me when my husband ask me if he can play i tell him to go for it and we both end up pulling up our toons so there 🙂

    • Orlly?

      Even when you make “the face”?

      Me thinks you might not realize what face i am talking about. The bad things are about to happen face. The not angry face but the about to launch the nukes just because face. Aka “THE FACE!”

  2. I checked the rulebook. There’s a -99% Man penalty on all “Read wifes mind check” checks. This also applies to “Read girlfriend mind check” checks and “Read significant female other’s mind check” checks. And they wonder why we fail that check so often…

  3. My wife only makes “the face: when she has something special(memory serves this is a family game) plans and I just wanna kill something:)

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