The Push

To say I was on a bit of an xp bender might not be 100% correct. I sat in my game chair long enough I might have grown into it some. There was much grinding. I earned way over 1millon xp this weekend.

So Fo, the wife and I are not slow. We move along the quests at a fair pace. And then on the weekends I solo a lot of content in the AM while they are off line. My whole goal is to keep up rank wise. Torance is on a first life. Fo is on a second life. So I could cap them both with the xp l already have. 🙂

But I had ulterior motive, Tobril started his TR about 2-3 weeks before I did. Fo started about a week ahead too, but I caught him. And I have been pushing to catch up.

Friday night we did. 🙂 Thank you litany. You might not have dropped any named loot, but you are xp per min. And I ❤ you. Why can’t there be more quests like you.

So I gathered up the TR teams and formed them into one team. Saturday morning I sat in the game chair at 8 am and around midnight I crashed for a few hours and was up by and playing by 9. And we pushed some more.

I didn’t cap out yet. But now I have xp for 19, rank 91 I think. Vale mostly emptied. Reavers Refuge (all but SOS) IQ started. Every thing on elite. My elite streak is around 180. I think by the time I do a few raids, finish the IQ it should be TR time.

It was a good time. And Tobril, who has been running a hard streak, got to see what an elite streak can do. He made the comment along the lines of WOW that is what it is like to see a bar move again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Push

  1. Holy C r a p!!! I’m doing well to get 100K XP in a weekend….I can’t imagine sitting that long in one much as I love my DDO.

    Props man!!!

  2. I still don’t think elite streak is the way to go solo, much easier for me to just grind the old star style.

    A good group is another story.

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