Strange Toys are the Spice of Life

I don’t know about your pencil and paper game but mine from a long long long time ago would have your standard cookie cuter magic items. But from time to time this strange magical item would fall into our laps. I bet all you old time pnpers have a favorites list. Here is a few from mine and a possibile version of them for DDo.

As always it would be great if a dev or two take a fancy to an item and pushes it though the development cycle. But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for them.

Vorpal Bunny Slippers: These are cute pink bunny slippers. With a bonus to Move Silently and movement speed. But the really great thing I would like to see is unarmed attacks treated as vorpal when wearing the slippers or at least the kicks. 🙂

Blade of Grass: This is a small shield or a buckler with it’s art work as a big green blade of grass. It has bonuses to Hide and Move Silently but the main purpose of the shield is it casts makes the welder invisible and lowers agro any time the user shield blocks. The Invis ends a few seconds after the welder is done blocking.

“A master thief of my skill can hide in the shadow of a blade of grass!” Every rogue I have ever played with.

Wand/Rod of Blunder: This would be a muilti action or random clickly not unlike the Staff from Demon Queen or Kormor’s Belt. But there is a simi high chance that the effect is not super helpful or even selfgriefing. Example: You fire off a fireball from the item it hits the target and then a fireball shoots out from the target back at the user. I like the this can be really good or really bad depending on the dice roll.

More then once my only weapon was one of these wands/rods and it would never fail to disappoint. But I remember those games the most clearly.

There are many more just off kilter items out there. Heck, there are tons in the DMGs and published campaigns. I always thought that these fun magic item added a lot of spice to a pnp game I bet adding them to Ddo would do the same.

3 thoughts on “Strange Toys are the Spice of Life

  1. A very creative DM came up with the Safety Pocketwatch. Once a day it can rewind time five minutes to undo some horrible screwup. Plus it made it easier for him to put us into really awkward situations, something he enjoyed probably a little too much.

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