Stuff I want prt2

So last time I covered metamagic rods and gnomes. Today I want Instantaneous Fly and a way to move raid loot between characters.

Okay I am not sure if I got the name right. In fact a few quick Google searches and I am simi sure I got it wrong. But that is the name in my head so I am going with it.

I know it is a 3rd level spell from one of the “Complete” books. Arcane or Mage, I am not sure which, but I can explain what it does. First it is a free spell, hence the “Instantaneous” in the title. It is a fly spell. Do I need to point out “fly” in the title? I don’t think so. But what is does lets you fly for one round then you feather fall back down.

Sound familiar?

If your a monk or favored soul it should. That is how the Devs implemented both the Abundant Step and Leap of Faith. I don’t know about you, but I would like to have the option to also have this spell on my arcane casters. Hell, they sold consumable clicklies in the store. Can the classes that should have the option get the spell please?

Now one of the things I see a lot on the forums or get emails about is raid loot drama. I know in my world I raid until I get the few items I want from a given raid then I stop doing that raid. Or rarely get to 20 for a shot at a tome.

But if there was some way I could make a piece of BtC loot BtA until it is equipped then it could become BtC again that would be gravy.

I know. I know. “No one would ever put raid loot up for roll again”… Shut up, that is a bunch of BS!

One, there will always be a group of people that would rather share then hoard everything.

And two, Once you slap a few TP cost to moving an item there becomes an whole group of people that would rarely if ever move something. These are the people that want to play for as cheaply as possible. I have a few friends that play just like this.

What I see as a possible way to make this happen is sell an “stone/widget/doohickey” in the store for a reasonable price. Some place in the 400 – 500 Tp range. Then place said “stone/widget/doohickey” into the stone of change along with the bound item you want to move, combine, move to the shared bank, move to character X, profit.

Why do I see this is a good thing to add to the store?
Simple, it would sell. And money for Turbine is a very good thing.

Also I know I have lots of great pieces of raid loot that just sit in my bank/s. Stuff I might have hunted for in the past but now have out grown or stuff I lucked sacked into short manning a raid or something no one else wanted but I saw a possible use for but never really developed its usage. If it happens to me it has happened to all of us at one time or another or will sooner or later.

I have been doing the TR thing, I have been really getting into how much fun playing with all this raid loot at their minimum levels can be.

Also I bet I would raid more often if I could share the wealth with some of my own characters. Greed is a good motivator.

You know there is another option possible other then selling an item in the store. Make the loot from a 20th loot list BtA, BtC on equip. There is less money made for Turbine this way. But I think more or the player base would go along with this plan. Your 20th lists can’t be rolled on. But gives a reason to keep raiding.


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