Archmage vs Pale Master


Today I want to answer a twitter question from @bcpeterson. He asks “non warforged wizard…archmage at 6 and 9 and then pale master at 12 or pale master all the way?”

This is a good question. One that is all personal choice. Like most build questions it is all about play style and what your willing to spend (Time, Plat, or Tps).

To go Archmage you have to have the Mental Toughness feat. I find with my play style my feats are fairly tight and I give up Mental Toughness for plain old Toughness or Power Attack or any number of other feats.

Would an extra 100/150 mana be good? Yes.

Would I bother with feat swaps and the like to be able to go Arch to PM? No.

On a first live character lvl 9 to lvl 12 is just not that much xp. A few week days of normal play. Or maybe a weekend bender.

Do I take PM 1 at 6? Yes. I like the extra max Hp, the sacrifice of Hp to damage, and hell it can be fun to summon a normal Skelly to cause confusion for the party. I hear “Why can’t I kill this guy?” all the time and it never gets old.

Do I think the Archmage bolt attack is any good? Maybe at level it is? I don’t know. On paper it looks good. A d6 per caster level for 1 sp sounds good at level but my only experience with it is at cap and at cap it is not real impressive.


5 thoughts on “Archmage vs Pale Master

  1. I dislike running with Pale Masters as they believe their self-heals can keep themselves alive when they’re in the mix too hard. Like my Clerk’s aura, it’s there to extend time-on-target, not as an invulnerability shield. It is nice, though, when a Pale Master announces he is one before the run begins so I don’t find out by wasting a 45 point Heal.

  2. Thanks!

    I only play my wizard ( and was going to wait until level 9 to take spell focus (something), and would probably take necromancy and go pale master.

    Feats so far are Insightful Reflex, Extend Spell, Maximize Spell, and Mental Toughness. Might drop Insightful Reflex for Spell Focus Necromancy and go between the two, find a groove.

    -Melkior/@bcpeterson on twitter

  3. DougGlyndwyr,

    Like every thing, there are different levels of player skill.

    You have players learning the ropes, and players that can selfheal through a shroud or solo epic Amrath.

    I well build, and played PM is in my mind like playing in “god mode”.

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