Who, What, When, Where, How and Why


If your reading this I would lay odds you know who I am and what I do.

But if not I am Samius Gurobo, pod caster, father, husband, web designer, wizard. You can check me out at ddococktailhour.com on my mostly weekly podcast Ddo Cocktail Hour with Lessah and Samius. As well as joining DdoCast from time to time as a guest or on my segment Sounds Concepts. 99% of of my play time is on Sarlona, and I answer a lot of questions both on the shows and via email, samius@ddococktailhour.com or tweet me @samiusgurobo on twitter.

Now that all that “Who” BS is out of the way lets get started with the “Why”. Jerry told me a few times if I would start to do my blogging on myddo he would pimp it out for you all to see. And my guild site is ready for renewal and I don’t feel like paying for it any longer. And I like to share what is on my mind and how I think about things.

What, When, and How? Let start with what I have been doing. Samius my main has been enjoying going through the grinder. As I said at the beginning I am a wizard at heart. So why after getting Samius leveled up to cap after doing a few Trs making him the best wizard I can why would I TR him more? To be an even better wizard of course. So I planed to Tr as a Fvs 3 times and then Back to Wizard. But I had so much fun leveling up Samius again I decided that Completionist might not be all that bad to work through, and would be the truly best wizard I can get. So here is my plan for my Tr order and the thoughts as to why this order.

Wiz 32 base(done)
Wiz 34 base and great past life feat/s (done)
Fvs 36 base and +1 spell pen (done)
Clr this is mostly to keep the costs of TRing down by using healing word most of healing.
Fgr +1 to hit and +1 to the DC’s of tactical feats. An extra +1 to Stunning Blow wouldn’t suck.
Pally +5% healing amp to help make the Pots and other cheep healing go farther.
Mnk +1 damage
rgr +2 to elemental resistances and +2 damage with ranged weapons
brb 10 hp its like 150 Agents of Argonnessen
src 20 sp… well it will nice to cast some Arcane spells again.
Rog well all that is left is Rog and Brd doest it really matter which one is first? Sneak attack damage?
Brd +2 will saves… Maybe this life needs to be higher on the list command/hold protection…

Then 2 more FvS lives for more stacking spell pen, then possibly back to Wiz and hopefully done for awhile or maybe knock out a few other classes and stack their free feat a few more times.

There you go a wee bit of incite in to my head. Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.


2 thoughts on “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why

  1. Grats on your new blog ^^
    I think you should swap the Pally and the Fighter to make worth that 5% healing amp.
    And like you said, the Bard saves are really good. The Fgr, Brb(not raged) and Rog will really need them =P.


  2. JuDaZ,

    Nothing is set in stone yet. Hence me posting a list. My thought is the +1 to hit > %5 healing amp.

    But is +1 to hit greater then +2 will saves?

    That is a good question.

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