Samius Does TV prt2

With the computer down I have an abundance of free time that I have now used to take the family out to dinner for the week. Catch up on Iron Man and Farscape Comics even found another comic I really like Saga and picked up some Doctor Strange a book I have always wanted to read but never found the time. But as the title might give away I have been watching lots of TV. And as I like shows I hate feeling like I am wasting my time just watching TV when I could have something on and farming xp or some bit of gear if I am just going to be sitting around.

Anyway I happened to notice that there was going to be a marathon of one of my favorite shows and I set the DVR to tape 4 or 5 of them. And it got me thinking. It has been awhile since I made some lists.

So todays list my favorite TV shows. Some slots will have ties, okay one slot; I think you will understand why.

5, Survivor Man – Most of the shows on this list have a level of rewatchabilty higher then most programs on TV. This show happens to be the one that I was watching last night as I was mentally making this list. Also how many shows get to return from the dead? A few years ago Les retired from doing Survivor man I thought to focus on his music, but now he is back with Survivor Man 10 days. Instead of walking out like he has done many times he goes in to more detailed look into 10 days of trying to thrive in a survival situation this is made possible because the show is broken in to two parts, each having 5 days. Makes two hours flyby like never before.

4, Mentalist – This is one of the two best shows on tv right now. Funny and smart often giving you clues that you might over look and then you say I get it at the end. Sometimes I am fooled even, but I am generally good at notice the clues shows.

3, Suits – This show is the other best show on Tv right now, sorry to any Whovans. (yes Doctor Who would be 6th on my list). Also funny and smart it has a killer cast and amazing writers. And I can watch and re-watch almost any episode at any time and enjoy it.

2, Buffy/Angel/Firefly – How do you pick just one Joss Whedon show? I can’t really. I might say Firefly had a little more in the over all plot department, but Angel had real moving character development and Buffy well is just amazing over all and has Willow in it. See how you just can’t pick just one. But all of these shows live in my recently watched list on Netflix.

1, House MD – By far the best TV show for me. Funny, smart amazing story lines, character development and one of the few shows where I can’t know the answer because I am not a medical encyclopedia.

If I expanded this out to a top 10 I would need to find slots for Doctor Who, MASH, Batman the animated series (this is “my” batman), Dexter; should have set it with Suits really as it has all the same qualities and it is clearly on of the best shows still on. Lie to Me is another top 10 contender.

Then we start falling deeper into my past but maybe I will do more lists for the next few days. After all how much DDo can I talk about with out playing? Lots but nothing helpful…