What I want in a Quest

I was thinking the other day how I really love the Maze of Madness quest. Why? Because other then two level pulls the whole quest is totally easy and super quick, do to the ability to use the terrain to skip parts of the quest.

To me using the terrain to my advantage feels very DnD to me. Every quest where there are a few boxes I can use to jump over and skip an area of the quest is huge to me. Thanks New Ring leader.

Every time I stand on a hill and range something before it can get to me I smile. Thanks Most Explorer areas.

Any time I can pull mobs in to a “trap” of some kind my heart sings a little. Thanks Lava in Madstone, Traps in Qwylan’s/WizKing/Sins.

Sure being a little bit of a zerger means that I want the big payoff that is finishing the quest as soon as possible but I also want to enjoy the quest and using my surroundings well brings me joy.

So Turbine, if you please can think some more about ways that creative people can use the different terrains in the quests while you make them that would be super. I also like my quests quick with good xp/min and fantastic loot but I will take that terrain thing over the rest (as long as the rest is not shitty, mind you).

For you none Turbine readers: What quests do you like because you can do something fun with the terrain?