Gear for jumpers

Yesterday I was able to catch some of the DDocast live, first of all I want to say thanks to Jerry for pointing out that I am great and my blog is great and I will keep working at being great and trying to help you all be great too. ☺

Anyway…. as I was watching the show there came a point (like in every show) where I end up talking to the screen trying to point out things or correct mistakes but as I am not on the show it is hard to do. Damn my being lazy and wanting to use my weekend for stuff I already had planed vs doing DDocast live. So I am going to expand on a topic I think the group touched on but could use a little more explaining.

What gear is needed if I just jumped to 16 and this is my biggest guy? Having just geared up my ranged WF Arty that went from level 1 to 16 thanks to a guild xp day and a stone I have a gear list in mind. Again I think they did a good job, but I am of the mindset that a little bit of grinding explorers can give you good options and I think anyone with a healbot hire can solo explorers so I want to point out

Fort, the guys had things right that fort is one of your top concerns. And the nightforge necklace you can get with the ore turn-ins is damn handy (I use mine every TR life for a level or two). But when gearing up my dude I passed over 20 taps and got a Minos Legens instead. Yes, everyone and their uncle has one but there is a reason that it is so popular, it is a good hat. And any noob can grind 20 taps in the orchard or even begging from Vets/Guildies.

Hps, Con and GFL items are only costly at their lowest levels. Start looking at Con+6 of some dumb skill levels 13-15 and the price will be a lot lower then a level 13 clean version, although the con bet you are given is well enough for the time being. But still the AH might put some items out of reach and I would rather see you with a Nightforge Armband (IFL/Heroism 3/day clicky) and a + belt of Thoughtful Remenberance item over being super broke.

Armors, if you don’t know there are a lot of armor guys that take different turn-ins in the Giant Hold area, including the relics you get in the explorer or in the chests from the GH quests. IF you don’t have armor these are good options. And hell I keep a set of the Elfcrafted Chain as my personal armor for non monk casters, and if it is good enough for Samius then it is good enough for you.

Weapons and other misc can be farmed in the Attack on Stormreach chain. Everyone can use a Axe even if it is not the best weapon but with a little work it upgrades to a lot of nice options and while your at it keep an eye out for the Staff of Shadow and the Stonedust hand wraps. Together they make some of the best items in the game for self healing.
Speaking of self-healing, Bodyfeeding weapons are great. Bodyfeeding of (lesser or normal) vampirism with a huge crit range are better. Look around/invest. Oh and there is a cleaver in that attack on stormreach chain I talked about above that is has bodyfeeding and you can upgrade to add lesser vamp. Tobril used one to more or less solo everything on his Barb. The barb super cleave is real good when you pay 10 off a bodyfeeder proc and gain 10 hp or more and then rebodyfeed to do it again.

A quick few items that the cast crew missed: Bloodrage Symbiont an easy to farm DR5- item with other perks. Assuming you are going to make yourself a silver flame necklace gather your scarabs and make some dust and turn things in for Kaelth’s Touch it is another great easy trinket to swap into. Oh and lastly before leveling into 17 go and farm yourself up a Stalker Ring in the House C challenges. Makes all your weapons vorpal vs humanoids which is most of the stuff that vorps anyway.

Well that is a lot of werds. Think I am going to call it here if you have questions or things to add use the comments.