Magical Monday 5.11.2015

Greetings and Salutations, Hope you all are well and that you are finding inspiration in the current meta that is Standard. Wow, so many options….

If you have been watching this site you know that i have become obsessed with the card Assault Formation, more so now that i filled out my play-set. Pumping out list after list building around this card has become one of my mental exercises to help wake up in the morning. Now if i can just get my brain to shut up at night so i can get some sleep.

Long time readers might remember that not too long ago i was infatuated with constellation themed decks. Namely those using two key cards.

And i think i have at least the beginnings of a list combining the two key ideas.

4 Nyx-Fleece Ram
2 Underworld Coinsmith

4 Grim Guardian
3 Nyx Weaver
2 Pharika, God of Affliction
4 Courser of Kruphix

1 Erebos, God of the Dead

2 Doomwake Giant
2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
2 Sidisi, Undead Vizier
2 Dragonlord Dromoka

4 Assault Formation
2 Kruphix’s Insight
2 Whip of Erebos

24 lands including 12 temples and 4 tri-lands….
Is this list good? I don’t really know. But it should be a lot of fun. I could even see pulling out the white all together for a Green/Black list.

4 Grim Guardian
2 Nyx Weaver
2 Pharika, God of Affliction
4 Courser of Kruphix
4 Master of the Feast

1 Fate Unraveler
1 Erebos, God of the Dead

2 Doomwake Giant
2 Sidisi, Undead Vizier

2 Strength of the Fallen
4 Commune with the Gods
4 Assault Formation
2 Collected Company
2 Whip of Erebos

I like this list a lot also even if we don’t have the super cheep beaters but sometimes it is nice to have a good plan B and C.

There are a lot of ways to build an Assault Formation deck. A friend of my just loves his G/W/B list, and that is the point. It is a card that empowers diversity. Not like that big nasty Rhino that happens to also be good with Assault Formation…


I like Big Butts Sultai

2 Disowned Ancestor
2 Qarsi High Priest
2 Sidisi’s Faithful
2 Den Protector
2 Dragon’s Eye Savants
4 Hornet Nest
4 Courser of Kruphix
4 Jorubai Murk Lurker
2 Reaper of the Wilds

4 Triton Tactic
2 Coat with Venom
2 Grim Contest
2 Kin-Tree Invocation
4 Assault Formation

23 lands

Magical Monday 4.27.15

4x Monastery Swiftspear
2x Bloodsoaked Champion

4x Dragon Fodder
4x Hordeling Outburst
3x Brutal Hordechief
4x Goblin Rabblemaster
3x Mardu Strike Leader

4x Impact Tremors
1x Break Through the Line
3x Stoke the Flames

2x Foul-Tongue Shriek
4x Hero’s Downfall

1x Temple of Malice
3x Bloodfell Caves (should be Temples but could only find 1)
4x Bloodstained Mire
7x Mountain
6x Swamp
1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth



2x Outpost Siege
4x Anger of the Gods
4x Thoughtseize
1x Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury
2x Stain the Mind
2x Break Through the Line

Welcome to Magical Monday, This is the list i ran this weekend for my LGS’s Alternate Art Ugin tournament. I was able to place second loosing to Abzan Agro in the finals due to me not knowing what Sorin’s +1 would do to my math. I didn’t realize that he gave +1/0 as well as lifelink and messed up my math by 2 points. Costing me a game i should have won and putting me on tilt for game two again costing me the game by having the fear of Sorin.

But lets focus on what we learned.

I only need 2 Break Throughs in the 75. They are good in the matchups where they are good but i never wanted three of them.

I think i need a 23rd land in the main, think i can cut a Mardu Strike Leader. They are almost Rmaster 5-6 but not quite.

I want to add 4 Lightning Berserkers to the 75 somewhere. Maybe cut a Bloodsoaked for 1 in the main and the Kolaghan, a Thoughtseize, and that extra Break Through the Line to make room for them.

Oh and i got caught with my pants down by a Searing Blood out of the mono red list, wonder if they would serve me better then the Stokes….

Impact Tremors and Foul-Tongue Shriek were huge every game i had one. Often just winning me the game straight up. I could see adding a Purphoros some where. I could also see going up to 4 Shriek but i am not sure what to cut.

Felt i was in the driver’s seat all weekend until that finals even with the round 1 loss. There is another event this weekend that i think i will attend, this one has a cash payout. And i plan to run it back i think as the deck is just a beating assuming no huge play errors on my part.

As always, feed back is welcome.


Magical Monday 4.20.15

Welcome back, it was another busy one magic-wise for me this last weekend. My shop, The Arena, had our game day tournament and i actually got to play. I took a deck that i wanted to try and thought was a lot of fun but wasn’t a “good” deck. But i knew that going into the event. Ended up going 1 and 3 loosing to the winner of the tournament, the guy that took second and the wife who was not having fun and we were having a good time so i might have “let her win” game 2, then she just smashed my face game 3 super badly. Which i think made her smile a little bit. So it was worth it.

Sunday, was an away game vs Hays in our Store Vs Store series as is the norm i was on the draft team. While i feel good about the format i was unsure about the Hays guys and their draft style. My last two away games were not great for me going 2 and 2 i believe. Spoiler alert i drew my first round which is my normal play for winning out the rest of the matches. Which i did.

This is my deck….

2015-04-20 23.37.09


I know that some of the cards are hard to read so i will hit the highlights.

Qarsi High Priest, insane every time i had it other then the one game where it was my only guy for like 4 turns.

S Faithful, I had 2 of these guys and while i only main decked the first one; the second one was huge in many games.

P Familiar/J Sage, 2 drops that drew a card when they die are good. Go figure.

Hand of “the bad touch” Silumgar, 2 power deathtoucher? Yep, he went almost all the way one game before trading way up.

M Loremaster/Spell-Eater, these guys did a ton of work. One game i was able to trade while regrowing the Foul Renewal to regrow/kill a card advantage dude and another real threat.

Marang River Prowler/Skeleton, MVPs! Not kidding. These guys are real. And they carried a ton of weight. At one point i was Attacking with the prowler then sacking him to the high priest then replaying him for the value. So good!

O Interceptor x 2, 4/2 fliers. Yep, Good.

Write into Being, I want this card in constructed deck. It did everything for me this weekend. Hit morphs, found or buried lands as needed. Just an limited all star.

M Adept, just yep. There was one play where i was facing down a huge flyer and my opponent cast the rebound protection spell on it naming blue (my only flyer and this guy) but i had a Coat with Venom (another all-star) giving a morph flying and deathtouch and blowing out my opponent.

V Aven/ G Drowner, these guys just drew me so many cards it was insane. I only think there was one time the Drowner found anything other then great spell, land, land, land. The games where it found Foul Renewal i was unbeatable.

A Statue, I love this guy if i have any value guys OR if my opponent is on white/x. Pacifism, is a real spell in the format. This just eat it and rebuys the value while just making a super killer.

Coat with Venom, I think this is one of the best black commons. Top 5 for sure.

Mirror Mockery, Also super good. There were a lot of places where i could but it on their guy and “blue Pacifism” it. Which i did a few times. And there was as many times where i was just able to get value by cloning my Avens/Drowners.

Whisk Away/Flatten, good removal spells. There was an attack where the warrior agro deck attacked me with 5 or 6 2 or 3/2 and he had the warrior that made all his warriors require two blockers. I was able to flatten him after baiting him into an attack. Then i lined up all these complicated blocks opening myself up to taking like 10 damage (via the pump warrior). But the opponent decided to go for the big blow out with a butcher’s glee on my M Adept/V Aven block on his 3/2 first striker. Away with you nasty 6/2 first stikeing life linker.

Foul Renewal, my first pick another one of them all-stars. If you can get one and regrow it, do it!

Reach of Shadow x 2, 5 mana removal…. Still good in limited.

Sideboard super helpers Shambling Goblins x 2, i brought them in against the warrior deck and they were huge.


Well that was it, between the boy and myself we got 11 packs for 30$ and i picked up a lot of important points in the Store v Store scoring. I just need to keep it up.


Alright kids it took me an hour to type this up and i need to get to bed.


Magical Monday 3.23.2015

Welcome back to Magical Monday, hope you had a good pre-release weekend. I spent mine working, ill and winning. I was able to go 4-0-1 at the Arena, I ran our Midnight event so Johny could play. I probably should have bailed as i was starting to feel ill and i am sure staying up all night was the nail in my coffin. As it was i got home a little before 5am and managed to get 4 to 5 ish hours of sleep before i woke up with not able to stay in bed any longer. That tends to happen to me when i am sick, i don’t have the energy to do anything but i can’t just lay in bed.

Around noon, the clan heads to the shop and i open a fairly solid pool, guess i should add i played a controlish Mardu deck. I will try and put up a pic of my final list build but i don’t have the cards handy at the moment. We had enough people to go 5 rounds and i knew that with the way my head was i would be hard pressed to do well.

First round was against my son, who had a solid pool also but i was able to play the control deck. Clearly i won, mostly do to a lot of his guys being Exploit guys and he had a hard time keeping guys around to Exploit with all my removal.

Round 2, was verse the kid(Lucas) that bet the wife round 1. She told me she lost to a Dash deck so i had an idea of what i was against. But lost game 1 due to him just being fast on the beat down and stumbling on mana. I had a lot of 5 mana guys in hand. i brought in what turned out to be my anti Dash package that included 2 Mind Rot and a few low costing cost dorks as speed bumps. I faced a lot of Dash decks on Saturday and anytime i drew a Rot or two the games felt very easy to win.

Round 3, was against another Dash deck (Robert), but i was able to stabilize in game 1 and win a close one. Game 2 was a heart breaker. I kept a 3 white spell with Swamps and Mountains hand vs his mull to 6 with 1 land. I was too far ahead by the time he was able to really develop and i had removal spells in hand waiting for a target. I dislike games like that but my mana issues were to come later.

Round 4, was vs John. John and i are old friends, it was he and another friend that took my game up a notch and together the three of us traveled to play magic. But Chad passed away, John took it hard and focused on school, without them to push me i fell to “rotation sucks” and took a break from the game. But John is back post College grad looking for a “real” job and is back in town until he lands on his feet. Catching up he thought i had left town, when really i fell into DDo…. So round 4, game one was a long one. He was on a green/white list with real fatties. I was able to make a go of it until i punted on a bad attack. Going for a 2 for 1 by attacking with a face down Sandstorm Charger in to his 2 man team i had a  Elite Scaleguard in play had i unmorphed first i would have blown him out forcing a chump block as it was thought i was stable until he ripped a fatty and i missed on removal or a bolster effect to win the game.  Game 2 i brought in my bomb vs grindy match ups, Hedonist’s Trove. Haymaker after haymaker was thrown until was were both had a stable board and 1 card each, But mine was a tutored up Trove thanks to Sidisi eating a random dork. Time was called just after he passed i was turn 0 untapping with Trove. I drew 3 that turn, my own card, his forest and his Segmented Krotiq, attack for a lot. He untaps and plays a pacifism. I draw my Elite Scaleguard play his Ainok Survivalist facedown unmorph eat his pacifism play the land i drew last turn and my Scaleguard allowing me to tap one of guys on my attack for lethal. Super fun game. Giving me a draw vs a win do to my punt.

Round 5, was another good one going deep but my removal was just better then Dan’s guys and i was able to stabilize thanks to a Champion of Arashin and a Echoes of the Kin Tree. I got to rebuy my Champion a couple of times thanks to Kolaghan’s Command and my card advantage was just too much.

Overall the pre-release was a blast. Sure i could hardly move and the room was blistering hot or freezing cold from moment to moment but i think that was on me not the shop. There were some cards that were real standouts i want to just list.

Foul-Tongue Shriek – much better then it looks on paper. This kind of reach is nasty in fast decks.
Impact Tremors – Same as above. This is a card i want to build around now something fierce.
Enduring Victory –  is a beating. Know this card is out there. It was the final nail in my coffin that first game vs John.
Echoes of the Kin Tree –  is one of the cards you want in a long game.
Hedonist’s Trove –  Not all rares are good and not all good rares are good all the time. In the right matchups this is gold!
I will try and write a few times this week. Lots of lists in my head and i want to share my sealed from this weekend and the wife’s. I think her pool was a much harder build and want to see if there was a better list for her to run.


Magical Tuesday 3.3.15

Welcome back. Looks like it is our favorite time of the year once again, spoiler season. Think that most of you out there don’t need any help finding sweet spoilers and brewing, but that is what i am here for right?

So far there is one card that stands out from the pack for me, Stratus Dancer.

I am drawn to this card i think because of a pet deck idea i have had for a while now. The Trail of Secret Plans deck that i have written about a few times now. Here is a link to the last time i wrote about the idea. 

But i never put the deck together. Even though more then 1 person has asked that i do so and see how it playes. Why not try it? There was a lack of pure power, but this card. This card is powerful. This is just the kind of thing that the all morph all the time deck needs to be competitive. A morph that just puts people on the back foot with the question do i need to play around that 2/2?????

I think i like adding white to add Abzan charm and maybe the white free morph in the sideboard for the red decks… But that feels too slow to really battle them.

Speaking of red beat down feels real good in today’s meta at least in my local meta anyway. Red 1 drops followed up with hording outburst seems super strong right now.  There are 2 win a boxes this month. Might have to try something new and try to take one of them down.


Well i need to save and get this out not to be another day late.



Magical Tuesday (Because i was sick) 2.17.2015

Welcome to this edition of Magical Monday Tuesday, i was under the weather yesterday and my head was screaming. But lets talk about magic.

This weekend was solid one for the Gurobo family. The wife took down the FNM draft with a sweet mono black deck. The shop was drafting M15 btw, a format that i really think is a fun draft format with a lot of different decks available to good drafters. Remmie, the son, drafted a sweet deck as dropping a match to blue fliers a theme that will run through weekend.

Saturday, was Fate Reforged Gameday. I had planed to use the artifact agro deck but Remmie decided that he wanted to use it so i moved over to the red/white burn list i have been playing/writing about for a while now. And the wife took the temur deck i have been working on for her.

Thankfully there were enough people that we didn’t have to face off right away, in fact the wife and boy didn’t have to play each other until the simi-finials, where the wife took the boy down and proceeded to take down the tournament.

Sunday was our Store Vs Store match with Midnight Games in Hutchinson, an event that had slipped my mind until Saturday. Groan…. I was already starting to notice that bug that took me down Monday. But we pushed on. Wish the wife would have came along, her hot streak might have carried over for one more event as it was we got rolled instead.

I ended up drafting a 2-2-0 deck, either taking a fast 2 games or a punishing game 3. But i think my deck was build wrong until the third match were i cut a land for a 6 mana spell. I had the mardu agro deck and i thought i would win with my curve just being super low and attacking as often as possible, but 17 lands and 3 4 casting costing spells was just not enough power for when the game went long. And drawing the 5th land plus was a death-nail. But cutting a land and adding in the red uncommon dragon gave me some possible end game. But really all it did was get countered one game but it did clear the counter out for my red siege which i decided is amazing.

So other then getting sick and some family drama it was a really fun weekend of family magic fun.

So lets look at something new, this is a list i have taken right off and i think it is fairly good. I don’t love the sideboard but other then that i really think i would enjoy this thing.

4 Chromanticore
2 Pharika, God of Affliction
4 Satyr Wayfinder
3 Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
2 Silumgar, the Drifting Death
4 Soulflayer
4 Sylvan Caryatid
2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
1 Torrent Elemental
Creatures [26]
4 Commune with the Gods
3 Hero’s Downfall
2 Murderous Cut
1 Sultai Charm
Spells [10]
1 Bloodstained Mire
2 Forest
1 Island
2 Mana Confluence
1 Mountain
4 Opulent Palace
1 Plains
3 Polluted Delta
2 Swamp
4 Temple of Malady
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1 Windswept Heath
1 Yavimaya Coast
Lands [24]
Deck Total [60]

3 Bile Blight
2 Crux of Fate
2 Disdainful Stroke
1 Reclamation Sage
1 Sultai Charm
3 Thoughtseize
1 Torrent Elemental
2 Treasure Cruise
Sideboard [15]



Magical Monday 2.2.2015

Earlier today i popped into my local game store, to check in and see if there was anything i needed to take care of on the website and/or the like. And while i was there i was asked what i liked in standard for this weekend.

With out a second thought i said my red/white deck. I feel that it got a ton of cards with Fate. But i talked about it a lot last week. But then i said i was drawn to the idea of the Temur Ascendancy Combo deck that was “found” this last weekend. I feel that my Yisan deck could be warped into such a deck with ease and i also think that i could keep Yisan and his silver bullets in the sideboard for when it is the best deck.

So after an afternoon of looking at lists and debating on how i could best make this shell my own i have the following:

3x Elvish Mystic
2x Sylvan Caryatid
4x Voyaging Satyr
1x Sage of Hours

3x Courser of Kruphix

4x Karametra’s Acolyte

1x Nylea, God of the Hunt
2x Polukranos, World Eater
4x Temur Sabertooth

1x Mistcutter Hydra
4x Genesis Hydra
1x Surrak Dragonclaw
1x Sandsteppe Mastodon

1x Crater’s Claws
3x Singing Bell Strike
4x Temur Ascendancy

3x Forest
2x Mana Confluence
1x Mountain
4x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
2x Temple of Abandon
3x Temple of Mystery
4x Wooded Foothills
3x Yavimaya Coast

So i have to assume you have an idea as to how this goes off but let me try to run it down in a nut shell.

Temur Ascendancy gives haste, untapper/Nykthos or Karametra’s Acolyte (for 7) + Singing Bell Strike or Temur Sabertooth equals lots of mana. All the mana in the world in fact. Then you can use things like Genesis Hydra to play any number of guys until you have a killing team or one trample Mistcutter Hydra at 100/100 for the solo win.

The Sage of Hours + Sandsteppe Mastodon allow you to talk all the turns to try and find the combo if you have a Temur Sabertooth and lots of mana but no Ascendancy but really it is a way to counter a Ætherspouts. I will go again thank you.

Overall, this is my kind of deck. Complected with lots of right and wrong plays that i can try and use to out play my opponents. Best of all other then the Temur Sabertooths and the Sandsteppe Mastodon this deck was totally standard legal a few weeks ago and no one saw it.