Magical Monday 12.29.14

Welcome to the last Magical Monday of 2014, hope your holiday was solid and may your new year be better then this one was. And now Magic.

Some time last week on one of my Facebook groups i pondered the possibility of a Trail of Mystery/Secret Plans constructed deck in today standard. It feels a little far fetched but keep an open mind for a moment while we knock out a fast list.

4 Trail
4 Plans

4 Ruthless Ripper aka Free Black morph
4 Temur Charger aka Free Green morph
4 Dragon’s Eye Savants aka Free Blue morph
4 Grim Haruspex aka Black draw when a dude dies morph
4 Rattleclaw Mystic

4 Ghostfire Blade
4 Sultai Charm

This is the 4 piles of 9 we need for a 36/24 split. Aka the normal 60/40 spell/land split where i start every build. But the deck just doesn’t have any real gas and with Trail helping us both insure we hit our land drops and smoothing our mana i just feel like as long as we are base G/U/B we might as well have some FUN!

21 lands
3 Villainous Wealth


But is that enough to take this deck from fine to FINE? I don’t know. I bet you a dollar that 4 Sagu Maulers wouldn’t be an issue. I think that the chargers could go for some much needed gas to power things up. And cutting one or two Blades for Abzan Charms wouldn’t suck either. But really we could splash 1 or 2 of any basic land and have a reasonable shot at running just about any morph or charm you would like to run. Want some sick out of the board teck? Jeskai Charm or Icefeather Aven or some of those crazy planeswalkers?

I don’t know if i am brave enough to build this with actually cards but i feel this deck would cost less then 10 tixs on Magic online and that just might be the place to give it a try. I just need to get my account unlocked…


2 thoughts on “Magical Monday 12.29.14

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  2. I like the concept. I feel like the deck is all in on the Trail/Mystery plan so that if you get yourself wiped or in a slug fest you are likely to end up on the wrong end. There are some more potent Morphs that should likely get consideration to at least give you a plan B (Mauler, Ashcloud, Master of Pearls etc) that could give you a little more end game. But I love the deck concept. I’ve got one in the works…my trails just showed up yesterday. I’m just about set to brew it up. Oh…and I love the V. Wealth. Gross card. So much fun. Keep up the great stuff.

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