In Need of a Jump Start

I have been sick the last few days and other then the first day, today has been the worse day. Think mainly because I am a little more clear headed today then I have been. I was in a fog most of the week.

The first day when I felt up to it I sat at the computer and played Darth Samius. Slow and steady I powered through some quests. It helped take my mind off my body like it always does. I think part of my ddo addiction is due to the fact that I can fall into the world and it helps with the pain in my head from my normal migraines. If it can handle them then a few body aches and other effects of being ill are easy. Guess I am saying DDo is my Nightquil/Main Pain Reliever.

Yesterday, at work I was in a daze most of the day. Sure I got a few things done including a few my.ddo blog updates but mostly I was a zombie. Trying not to move my much, as my eyes were so tired I couldn’t focus. I should back that up by saying my eyes are not as strong and most people’s, meaning that I have a tendency to slip in to an exophoria state. When I was about 11, my eye doc taught me some tricks to handle my weak eyes but it takes effort and will.

Exophoria, is just a tendency for our eye/s to get lazy and not look at what the other eye is looking at. It happens to us all sometimes. Mostly when we are tired. If you ever have had a moment when you saw two slightly overlapping things in your vision then you had a moment of exophoria. For me I have to work for my eyes to focus 24/7 when I don’t things go pear shaped.

Btw, if you like those Stereogram Posters (those hidden 3d ones) they work by tricking your eyes in to exophoria state.

Anyway, I think being out of head made the day go fairly fast. But today I am more in my right mind, meaning that today is crazy slow and being even more tired is really playing with my vision. Add in that I am maybe at 60% of normal and normal is not always easy to handle I am very blah…

I have tried the normal, rock out bands to light a fire. Nothing. Trying to double down on work and nothing. Just need today to be over so I can get logged in and take my mind off my aches and pains.

Okay, back to the grindstone. Oh hey if you have a sure fire way to get the day moving again use the comments.

Thanks and <3s