My Dream Rune Arm

As you know I am having a bromance with the artificer class. I am not planning to leave my wife for Artificer class. But if I hosted a dinner party and she and the artificer class got a little too drunk, dirty smexy things could happen.

That said I still don’t know if it is the final class to build with for Samius over the 18/2 wizard/rogue. One of the main reasons I am holding myself back from becoming the artificer guy is pure removal spells, ie finger, wail, implosion. The ruin arm goes a long way towards making up the lack of removal, but it is not the same, yet.

So how would I fix things? A true removal focused rune arm of course. First of all when I think removal I think PMs so I would think making it few pm like would be easy. Use the necro blot and blast animations for firing off the rune arm. Maybe change the colors just a little and make it more redish over purple over tones, and have the rune arm itself look like it is made of bones. It would need to have a level 5 charge of course.

Have it imbue with say vorpal or manslayer to weapons. The main powers would be a slay living or neg level guard. I like the neg level guard when combined with the second main power, which is when the rune arm is fully charged it would trigger an ability that casts an implosion or the new wail of the banshee spell (add a timer of 30ish seconds before it can be retriggered).

This does two things. One gives Artificers a straight up removal spell/s with a solid DC (rune arm DC are level and Int based), and gives an artificer a reason to stop kiting as stand still in heavy trash combat.

All I know is the arty capstone is real nice but as it does not work with scrolls there is no way except via damage an arty can remove trash mobs.

And once the teck is in place to trigger an event when a rune arm is charged to a given point something happens can make all kinds of fun does X on charge Y events. Like mass repair spells at tear 4 charge, or fire shield % proc at a given point or even different kinds of guards are active at different charge levels say crushing wave while holding a stable charge and freeing ice once at stable+1 level or greater charge.

Lots of possibilities is all I am saying. And to me rune arms are the most fun items added to the game well ever.