Missing Items

Over the last year to 18 months I have done more then a few TRs and it seems like every few lives I realize that something has gone missing. When I catch something missing I have no idea when I had it last or if there is anything else that has vanished. But the result is the same, the item is gone and I am confused wither or not there is anything I can do about getting these items back short of farming the raid. I did say all the ones I know that have gone missing have been raid items right?

The first time I noticed something missing was back when I did my Bard or Barb life. I had just turned level 12 and I was wearing shitty armor and I remembered that I had a set of Marilith Chain and Demon Scale from the DQ. I couldn’t remember which armor was the “good” for dps but I had them both. Before I started TRing I had taken all my active raid timers to a 20th list and I was passed the bad set in the chest and taken the “good” set in the end reward list. Thinking well if I am going to TR a whole bunch having armor would be the worst idea.

Of course I was missing the Marilith Chain when I went looking. Ended up using the Demon Scale for a few levels until switching to a Chain Shirt of Crippling and that went out for one of my many sets of Dragon Touched armor. But now that I think about it I don’t have the Demon Scale or the Chain Shirt of Crippling any more. Don’t think I would have sold them. But after I got fairly high in the Cannith crafting system I stopped using them so they might have gotten lost in the Armor wars. But I know that the Marilith Chain was stolen from me.

Long time readers might remember that durning my Sorc life I took a few weeks off grinding the xp to take a few raids to 20s again and to farm Epic von6 for shield parts, which I totally got by the way. But as I ran eV6 about 10 times for the shard for my shield I was passed lots of other base items just in case. Some I used others got added to the bank and doubles got sold. One such double item that I know I sold one of and kept the other was the Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets. I remember thinking that I could foresee making a set of gloves epic at some point the boost to fire spells and epic slots in gloves, but that was a long shot as I have 7 fingered gloves and like UMD.

But I had two pairs. I know that I had at least one set during my Arty life as I tried using the non epic version for its clickly thinking that if anyone can make this clickly worth wild it would be an Arty. It wasn’t by the way. But that was only a few months back.

Jump to last night when for some reason I thought that they might have some kind of combustion value and allow me one less weapon swap in combat and my glove slot happens to be empty now that I am no longer using the Vulkoor’s Might set. And no joy in the bank, which I guess is okay as taking a look at the ddowiki today, the level 9 version does not have any combustion.

So have you noticed any thing gone missing on TR? Like me does everything that goes missing seem to be raid items or is that just a trick of the mind and non-raid/named items go missing from time to time but I just don’t notice?