If I had REAL Talent.

I was sitting here the other day and the thought hit me, “I want a A.I.M. tee shirt.”

A.I.M. for you that don’t know stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics, they are a think tank/villainous group in the Marvel universe. They have two big “claims to fame” They made the Cosmic Cube which was turned in the Tesseract for the Marvel movies and MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing). Feel free to Goggle any of those for more information.

Anyway I did some looking and found 0 tee shirts for fans of AIM and very few for comic book villains at all.

So if I had any artistic skills at all, I would make my own villainous tees.

Idea 1, AIM
Yellow maybe with black band on the sleeves, AIM logo
in over the heart area on the front, the back would have in a simple black print “MODOK design team.”

Idea 2, Fin Fang Foom
Color doesn’t matter, Over the heart FFF drawn in flames, On the back would be would be a tall famous land mark in a city where Fin Fang Foom would be perched upon a the rest of the city would be in ruins and on fire. The world never wake a sleeping dragon would be along the top/bottom of the art.

Idea 3, Thanos

Blue with gold or orange bands on sleeves and around the neck. On the back would simply be artwork for a fist wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and the line “To Hold Death Again” Or “For Death, My True Love”

These are just a few ideas. IF you see any shirts with a villain theme let me know. If you are an artist and want to use some of these ideas just let me know. I have a lot more.