Magic Monday 2.23.2015

Welcome all.

Have you heard about the Tiny Leader format? It seems to be taking Kansas by storm. Seems like all the shops around here has started to support this new format. It seems cool to me, all the perks of commander or EDH as us old guys might call it, with out a lot of the BS that i don’t love of the older format.

I have been working on some lists or at least conceptual ideas that i might form in to actual decks. And i want to share one with you all today. So many years ago i was just ending one of my long breaks from Magic and i was getting back in to Magic and one of my favorite sets just hit, Mirrodin.

Disciple + Ravager and a ton of disposable income artifacts often destroyed people in the way back.

So if we have a ton of cheep artifacts and artifact men like Arcbound Work, Steel Wall, and some older guys like Phyrexian Walker, Shifting Wall. Fun draw card spells like the different baubles, Chromatic Star/Sphere/Terrarion just for the hell of it. But if you start down the path of free or super cheep spells wouldn’t it be nice to do some thing like add a storm element? Grapeshot or Brain Freeze action could worked in with ease. Add in Ashnod’s Altar, Culling the weak, Dark ritual along side Cloud of Faeries/Frantic Search to fuel draw X spells and you might have a real mill sub-theme going on here. Just don’t forget your Glimpse the Unthinkable!  Adding in blue is worth wild any way as there are some great little monsters to help with this theme, like Master of Etherium, Tidehollow Strix Skill Borrower, Trinket Mage and Sygg, River Cutthroat and you are real close to your 32 ish non land cards.

I don’t know how well it will work yet. But i will be trying to put this thing together in the coming weeks. When i get it finished and get a few games under my belt i will let you know how it goes.

Well once again i ended up taking longer to look up and insuring that i spelled all the card names right and it is Tuesday…. Oh well i am not changing the name now.



Magical Monday 12.15.2014

Werds Kids. Good to be back, sorry for missing last week my grownup project needed my attention fairly hard core until Friday and then my Community Manager job for my local cardshop kept me fairly swamped.

So what have you all missed? Well i did make it to FNM the last 2 weeks. We drafted trip Khans and i was able to draft a sick little Abzan deck, rocking some great rares and Archers Parapets. Parapets are quickly becoming one of my favorite cards in the set. It just does everything. Then last Friday, like i said i was busy so i had to take my back up modern deck with no real idea of the local meta or anything. Thought i would lock out everyone, but ran to time second match and hit a draw. Moving me to a lower bracket where people were a little more ready for off the cuff decks. Had some poor draws, either flooding out or having double Dig through Times just miss when looking for answers… And ended up 1-2-1 for the night. Crazy.

Then Saturday we went to McPherson, for a Store V Store event. Basically it is a ploy to get people that might not travel to play Magic out and playing others in the area while at the same time let others in the area know that we are here. We had full teams for each sub event, ie Standard, Commander and Draft. Then each member of team played each other player from the other store’s team. Four rounds of magic vs people you don’t play against every week is a good change, with only store pride on the line.

I want to share a few things i went undefeated in the draft. Although i did end up drawing match one due to a weird moment where i was on the draw and letting my opponent take his mulligan/s. I had a so so hand where i had planed to mull if my opponent kept 6-7 cards and he mulled to 6 then played a land tapped. And said go. And i was all like wish you had asked if i was ready…. Oh well i am already up a game and proceeded to have a super slow draw play out super slow. When i knew the game was over I scooped to move to game 3 (which i felt i am favored to win normally fairly fast in the match up), i asked about time and was told that we were over time. I heard a couple minutes over. Later after we were all done I was told it was more like 30 secs. So i was a little salty all night over a misunderstanding, but it did motivate me to play super tight and really watch the clock.

Also i want to talk just a little bit about how i like to draft. I am often asked what to do in draft, by people. And what i try and due is find my seat. I know it is easier said then done, but that is my goal. Just watch for the signs and be ready to move. This deck should have been a 4-0 deck, no question. I started out red/white/black or Mardu. I took the rare from a weak pack, then a morph black card, then a few good white cards but then there was nothing in my colors…. So i start taking the good morph cards. I was reading the signs that the people on my right were in black for sure. And i thought red also so i better move or be ready to jump ship anyway. And i loaded up on the solid morphs. Then pack two i was rewarded with a Trail and more great morphs. In side i was just smiling. Then in pack three around pick 4 or 5 i got a second Trail then a Secret Plans super late and was in winner winner chicken dinner mode.

Okay the deck:


Like i said this deck was just nuts. I did drop 2 games all night. One where i scooped them up for time and the other was in the last round where i thought i won when my opponent dropped 3 singing bell strikes over 2 turns and then was able to get in with a 1/1 flyer for the win as i never drew a 6th land to untap and win.

I would draft this 100% of the time if i could, the deck was great and i had a blast. But would i try and force it? No. But if it open, i will be on it!