Oh, I Freed the Slaves! Freed them REAL GOOD!

Work yesterday did its best to kill my sprit and to say I was in a foul mood would put things mildly. I think I was so angry if I was the Red Hulk the normal Hulk wouldn’t have been able to stop me from destroying something…. IDK… Even a few hours of DDo with Tobril didn’t calm me down until what I think will be my 3rd favorite quest from now on!

The House of Broken Chains

Some Spoilers to follow if you haven’t done the quest, but I will try and keep things simi safe.

The point of the quest as you might gather from the title/area is to rescue slaves. There are a splattering of slaves through the quest and a mess of them in the end fight, that you can save for optional xps, as well as a few that you have to save as quest objectives.

To save the optional slaves you must kill a their slave master and use a dialogue option to use one of a few different skills to save them.

I don’t remember if I told you all but the first time Tobril and I did The Lost Thread he was “saving” the slaves and about as often as not he would rip their heads off. So began a running gag. That said we try our hardest to save everyone, well at least until we have the xp then anything goes.

So a few runs back we noticed that my UMD score was high enough to more or less auto free slaves so now it is my job. Well last night we saved everyone except one guy who had an “accident”. I might have tightened the collar and poped his little drow head right off.

But we Freed every last slave and defeated Solul with out killing his slaves. After checking the chest and looking at the quest xp I noticed I could “free” Solul’s slaves not that the quest was over. But there was no point other then fun.

Here the story takes a dark twist and in light of the resent current events might be in poor taste. But you know me; I tell it how it is?

Running to the first drow, I said “I will save you” and ripped his little head right off with my unskilled check. Not going to lie, for the first time last night I smiled a little. And I started to “save” them all. Tobril seeing what I was doing began to chime in on how I am the drow savior and how I am not allowed to give him a hard time anymore as I am clearly a mass murder. And in that moment I fell into a giggle fit. The best 3-4 mins of my day. Just Tobril and I standing in a pile of bodies, some good some bad, but they totally cleaned the anger and frustrations right out of me. Times like that is why I ❤ this game so much.
If you have a problem – If no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you can hire the Defense Guild.”

Unlike the A-Team we kill the bad/indifferent/good men/mobs/slaves/bystanders.