Might be Down for a While…

So yesterday I went home with a brain splitting migraine. I mean I wasn’t sure I could drive home I was so bad. But I made it and once I got there I went to my mostly dark basement and hid my head in the darkness. Time crawled by and after a few hours I was able to brave the Tv and then DDo. Although I was no wear near 100% I was able to get in a little game time with the brits and when they left for the night I did nothing for a long time.

A few hours later the mail/UPS guys came and dropped of the wife’s Vday gift, a new video card. And in her own words “Installation should be part of the gift.”

So together we started installing the monster of a card I bought her. But like most things in like there are complications, enough that I am starting to dislike Win8 now too.

Anyway, long story short I got the video card to work but ended up having to do a “refresh” or I think that is what they are calling it now. Think it is a rescue install of the OS. But now the launcher is stuck at Connect.

I am almost at my wits end. I checked the firewall settings, reinstalled DDO, reset the router and more or less everything I could think of doing. But I guess I need to try a “clean boot” and if that doesn’t work I will put in a support ticket and see if Turbine can help.

If all else fails I guess I will be looking at finding a copy of Win7…

What that means is I might be down for a while because if the wife can’t play no one be playing!

Grumble grumble…..

Well wish me luck, or better yet if you have any other ideas to get things moving let me know.