The Highs and Lows of Puging

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of the pugs. Just to be clear I mean the pick up groups and not the dogs, although I am not a big fan of the dogs either. My son has one named Xander and it is about 600 pounds and like to wake me up on the weekends by crawling onto my pillow and farting, very unpleasant little fracker.

Anywayyyyyy, Yesterday I worked on my second life TR just soloing and watching Doctor Who. Aside: I like David Tenneat as the good doctor the best, and stopped watching the show originally once I heard that he had left the show. But in a “What is streaming on Netflix that I can watch and play?” moment I have become re-addicted to the show even watching the 11th Doctor at work, which I am starting to warm too.

At some point Tobril logs on and askes to get in for xp. And we are off. I help him do a hard Coal Chamber in 27ish mins, which is not bad. As we complete he sees a hard Lob and is gone.

In a weird mood I look at the LFM panel and see a group for an elite IQ boat ride. I dislike soloing protect the NPC quests as it is too easy for the NPC to do something dumb and get killed failing the quest out of the blue. So having a group when running them is nice. Mean while Fopo was in challenge mode earning mats to trade in for xp and renown pots, so I didn’t want to bother him with my sudden want to do the IQ quests. So I joined up with plans to ride the fail train into some kind of xp.

But it was great, my DCs hit constantly. I danced and weaved killing trash and leading the kill count 2 to 1 over the other 4 group members. And when the red named boss showed the intim sorc took agro via an intim and then died. There was a dwarf defender that intimed also but I took the hate off him before long and he took that time to run off for a heal from his hire and I tanked the little boss. It was good times.

Even ran through the optional netting myself an extra 900xp and 2 chests for 30 sec of work. But the puggers didn’t make it drow are too hard to kill I guess. ☺

The group decides to move on to Elite Mindsunder, as the leader has all the disks. And we fly through the quest. Again I am feeling good cleaning house even kill the Mindsunder at the end with disintegrates, lots and lots of them. It was fun trying to tell the FvS that we picked up that I had it under control as she yelled at melee to kill the Mindsunder and not the trash she was kitting and begging for a heal to fix her stat damage and the rouge kept throwing cure wands at her. It was quite the good times and I felt like a millon plat.

Then Tobril frees up and we regroup and we do hard Mindsunder as I have a few sets of stones from the xp runs on Samius, Samyus and the 400. And I died like 4 times on Hard in one run. Riding so high to fall so low was a shock to my system. I guess if you’re the best turd in a group that doesn’t make you a gold nugget, just a turd from someone that ate glitter the night before.