EE Fun Vs Soloing E Fun

This weekend was a hard one. The weekend started out running EE GH with the guys in the morning. Doing the flagging quests on EE and whatnot. We had some deaths but as we were just finding our footing it was “all good”. I mean we completed after all, what is a few deaths between frends? Then I went to see my family at a dinner party for my mother’s Bday in Oklahoma City about a 4 hour trip one way… Drove back because of Sunday morning plans and then I jumped back on to DDo for more EEs until I was totally wiped out. Well at least until I got my second wind right before bed time, were I did 30 mins of xp on my Arty.

It just so happens that by doing both a super intense session and then a much more laid back session of play I really picked up on the massive difference of the type of fun I was having.

The EE runs we did were great, high stress massive risk with huge pay offs and good people to have in group. Later that night it was just my robot dog and I doing some Sands walkups/slayer hunting. Aka 0 stress other then it took about 10 times longer to do the walkups then it should with Invisibility porked like it is.

Thing is they both were super fun and just what I needed from the weekend. The time I got running Epic Elites with the brits/guild this weekend got me totally ready for more of the same next weekend. Were the time before bed gave me time to clear my head before hitting the sack and has gotten me pumped to keep playing him. I really am looking forward to seeing what a fully geared up Arty can do in the end game. I know my off account arty has some good dps for not a lot of work/gear.

Okay, think I am going to call this post with a few questions and a thought:
What kind of style do you enjoy the most?
Do you think that style effects how you think others should play?

I have made a lot of posts in the past about intense xp/min play and a more laid back style of play. But every time I talk about how I enjoy xp/min running I get a huge list of people telling me to relax and take my time. Where when I talk about enjoying a slower pace I get way less replies. Wonder if that is a thing?