The Probable Return of the Bowonk

After a fairly good night for the lack of motivation I had at the time, It is that time again to start looking at the next life. And what is next/left. Up side my last life is Pally. Down side is now I have to play a pally.

A few posts back I had egg on my face when I went on how a druid/pally build would work, contently over looked a vital thing: Alignment restrictions. Ie both Pally and Druids have some. So I need to keep that in mind again. So no MonkBarb the Exploiter, Pally/Bard – Gospel Rocker builds, etc..

So first thought to come to mind is Bowonk shell 1.0, aka 6monk/6ranger/8 pally on a helf and to be fair that is most likely the way I will be going. But there are lots of other options.

My bowonk 2.0 frame would be good 9/1/10 monk/arty/pally lost some ranged options for(lets not lie) ToD. No room for bow strength or IPS or many shot. But still mostly soloed to 20 in fair time.

I think a 7/6/7 monk/arty/paly would be okay but as I am not 100% sure how the tie would work out for the past life I might have to use a heart to insure that this life counts as a pally life and I don’t want to deal with that.

I could do some kind of 9/10/x caster/pally/??. Just to keep playing with spells and whatnot but unlike 9 monk 9 caster has issues caring a build to cap.

So right now the most logical build to rock pally and get it out of the way is a bowonk heavy stunning/melee with range backup. So version 1 or 2 with a different leveling order to take a few pally levels early to enjoy the saves ands lay on hands. Might see if I can tweet out a different build to make leveling feel right if so I will let you all know.